Cute Cheap Dress: Tobi

February 27, 2012

*All Cute Cheap Dress posts feature dresses under $39 but mostly between $20-$30. 

4 {comments}:

Olivia said... Best Blogger Tips

I really love all these dresses! Great colors, great prices! You can't beat it! Thanks for looking out :)

xx Olivia

Deb said... Best Blogger Tips

Great dresses, but really a bit too short.

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@gccmomYah, I'd have to agree. But it you're short and not much bust they might be okay.

Nicole said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! They are soooo short! Maybe with leggings or something? They look like they'd show a bit of bum when you walked..they are that short. Cute, though, if they were longer.

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