Inspiration Home: Moss Art How To

February 27, 2012

Anyone ever try this? I'm guessing if you wanted something that would look crisp like in the below photo you'd have to do the above instructions on a separate surface first then cut out letters or design you want and THEN transfer to wall. But it looks easy enough.

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Salinda said... Best Blogger Tips

You can buy "sheets" of moss at Hobby Lobby. I used them last year to cover a giant monogram for my front stoop.

Trish said... Best Blogger Tips

I did try something like this to grow moss on a garden sculpture but alas, our clime here is too arid for moss to thrive, except in the cracks and crevices of a northward-facing sidewalk. The sheet moss available at home improvement stores (for lining the sides of your hanging baskets, etc.) might work if your design isn't too delicate (the sheets are maybe 1/3-inch thick)--for a wreath perhaps--and probably only as a temporary decoration.

Cameron said... Best Blogger Tips

I imagine a stencil was used, perhaps even left on the wall for a while while the moss established itself. And then probably diligent weeding is in order.

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