Apartment Therapy's "Homies"

February 28, 2012

One of my very good blogging friends AND real life friends Beth of The Stories of A to Z is nominated for Apartment Therapy's Best Design Blogs of 2012. Please take a couple seconds to sign into Apartment Therapy and vote for her blog!

Then go here and VOTE for Home Stories of A to Z. When I posted this she had about 63 votes. Let's make that number higher! I know how hard Beth works on her blog and if someone deserves to win it's her!

She and her husband bought their city townhouse and totally gutted the inside then rebuilt it.
Beth has been quite the nester since.
See all her inspirational home decor projects that she's made along the way!
Her house is seriously stunning! I'd love to buy an old house and do what they did!
If you're new to Beth's blog check out a list of all her home decor projects here.
Foam Board Upholstered Chairs
How genius is this?
Rain Gutter Bookshelves

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