Project Runway Rundown: 12 down 5 to Go

October 8, 2010

Ivy: What a B---H! Yeah. That's what I think. Oh I could go on and on about why I think she's one but I won't. I think you all can guess why.

Oh there were so much drama last night. When I saw the previews last week I was sure they were playing it up but they really weren't. It was all quite accurate. The designers were asked to make three looks and contestants who had left came back to help finish them in time.

How about Mondo? I don't quite understand why he was so mad. I mean Heidi is your boss. Why would you huff and puff to her face about her simple critiques. There were other guests who have come into the workroom and given criticism without getting so much attitude. So why did he 'freak out' when Heidi critiqued his stuff? It was out of character. And wondered if something else had happened that we are unaware of.

Which brings me to the Michael issue. I never really understood why all the cast haaaated him. Then last night it was revealed that they had all suspected him of cheating all the way back to the Jackie O episode. Apparently, there was tape found in the bathroom. Am I correct? And they thought it was his? Not sure why though.

Yes, it is a case of he said, she said. I can't say I'm sure he wouldn't do that. But I'm certainly not going to trust Ivy (who also accused Michael of telling people not to vote for her). I guess she's trying to go out with a bang. Why don't they just ask Linka? She would know. Correct? And furthermore, who cares! It's topstick tape. I still don't really think it should banned anyway. Celebrities wear it on the runway all the time. Maybe they should instead limit the amount of tape you can use.
I still am rooting for Michael. If anything, Ivy's behavior has made me want him to succeed even more. I really developed a bad taste for her when she was making her rounds trying to pit everyone against him. Brian and I were watching the whole 'sewing room' debacle and both of us could not understand why Christopher and Michael D. were siding with Ivy! She was being such a bully and a poor loser. Looks soooooo bad. And yeah, her last dress sucked. Big time.

How about Heidi's little remark in the workroom? "And that from someone who has no idea how to sew. Who was it who said that said you couldn't sew? Ooooo I forgot she's not here anymore. laughs." Go Heidi. OH YES and how about when Ivy said the universe would give Michael what he deserves then they showed her getting nicked by the sewing machine. Too funny.
Onto the designs. These were made to be sold for 'real people'? First off, real people and Project Runway don't mix. Why even try? Andy's were fine. I guess I'm glad he won. I liked the little dress but seriously, who is going to wear a dress that short? And I thought this was 'activewear'. Like stuff you're going to pick up your kids from school in.
I wasn't that fond of April in this episode either. What was up with her and Gretchen bashing Valerie for talking too much. She also HATES Michael. Again, why? Whatever. If her attitude confused me, her clothes turned me off to her entirely. I don't know why it was in the top 3. Did the judges have rose colored glasses on? That look to the left is hideous. Would you ever wear that? She makes the same black gothy thing week after week and I'm starting to tire of her.
Mondo's was okay. But again I feel like I'm reiterating how I'm not super impressed with anything I saw. It doesn't have to be BIG to impress but none of the designs were very innovative. The head pieces were a nice touch for Mondo. I wouldn't wear them but it was a great way to infuse his personality into the toned down colors that they had to work with.
And can't forget the real "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong". Gretchen can NOT take criticism. Not ever. Have you ever seen her accept any without an 'I disagree' or a lengthy explanation? A simple 'Okay' will suffice. Again, I feel like the word 'wheatgrass' defines her style. She seems to think it's "hip". I think 'hippie' describes it better. But....more modern hippie.
Believe it or not I liked Christopher's stuff. Not so much the butterfly zip up. But I liked the pants with the slit up the inside to the knee with the little ties at the bottom. I thought it looked cute. I liked how it wasn't on the outside of the leg. And his ruched pant to the left wasn't too shabby either.

If you didn't watch the episode it was him and Michael on the chopping block and Christopher didn't make the cut. Although I liked his collection better than Michael's, I'm not surprised. Did Christopher ever win a challenge? Maybe? I can't remember. I just had a feeling he would be next.

Here's my prediction on how the next few weeks will go....Michael next, then April. So Andy, Gretchen and Mondo will be left for Bryant Park. And the winner will be...................MONDO! That's my guess.

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Jana said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree with everything you said! And it is true, real people (aka, me) would wear Christopher's clothes for mom errands. Thanks for the recap. The karma comment was hilarious.

Elz said... Best Blogger Tips

I was really underwhelmed this week. But, the "inspiration" collection was pretty underwhelming too. Ivy was/is/always has been a bitch and she brought it back. Michael C has done nothing but act with great class to her constant criticism and she got a little of what she deserved last night.

I hate RETCH's designs and her attitude. She has one note and it is sour. I'm sure she's going to Fashion Week, but I don't want her there.

Katarina said... Best Blogger Tips

I was soooo relieved when I read the first sentence! Hell yeah! I don't really care that much for the designers personalities, especially when they are stupid I try to ignore them, but I couldn't stop mumbling "What a b****, what a huge b****!". I had to laugh out loud when the karma-scene was on. Though I feel now a little bit bad for being so gleeful, breaking a needle and the risk of it flying into my eye is one og my sewing-nightmares! Anyway, nice recap, as always very entertaining.

Ana said... Best Blogger Tips

You hit it right on the mark. When all that sewing room drama went down with Ivy...all I could say was the same thing you called her. She is soooo bitter and honestly I think she is more insecure than anything else. I think that's why she is such a bully. I'm glad that Michael C finally stood up for himself.

monica lee said... Best Blogger Tips

GIRRRRL! I agree with you about that Ivy! How dreadful she is. I think Michael is pretty tough hangin' with all the haters. This year is so high school and that is a big disappointment. Maybe they edited the show like this because the designs comin' down the runway are a bit "underwhelming". Where is the color? Where is the fun? Mono is probably the most original but needs to toughen up a bit and get out of his own head. I love that you gab about this! Finally, someone to talk to!

drea_dear said... Best Blogger Tips

I was watching that episode thinking, "I can't wait for Grosgrain's blog post!" I loved the "karma" moment with Ivy. My mom and I laughed so hard at that. They probably should have used a piece of topstick on her mouth before she was allowed in the room.

So I actually liked Christopher's zip-up - I thought the sleeves were cute and unexpected. The rainbow-sunset thing on the front was a little annoying, and I hated the coral thing underneath. But I agree with Michael Kors - it looked like you could get them for $10. Maybe that's why I like it? LOL

Andy's work seemed to echo what was already in Heidi's line the most - I remember one hoodie had piping on it, and it was like he exaggerated that shape. I'm glad he won. I think it was difficult for them because all 3 pieces had to be in that same blah color palette. If I have extra money come in, I'd buy Andy's hoodie from the line, but not any of Heidi's stuff.

Prediction - Andy & Mondo for sure. I kind of feel like April will make it through. Michael Kors seems to love her - of course he wears black all the time, too. I think Mondo should win - he's fashion forward, but not opposed to making ready-to-wear.

Amber said... Best Blogger Tips

I could not wait to read your post this morning - I could not believe Ivy! I mean, I didn't like her when she was on there - acting like she was Valerie's friend and then totally talking about her behind her back but she was in full witch-mode last night!
And I loved Gretchen getting put in her place AGAIN! I'm hoping Mondo wins too - I wasn't impresses with anyone's looks last night but I think that was more because of the challenge than anything else....
And can i just say - Tim Gunn is fabulous :-) loved how he addressed the whole things and said it's over!

SL said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so excited to see your Frock by Friday dress!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Great recap. As always, spot on! Lots of drama with past designers - Ivy needs to get over herself!!! She truly was annoying. I liked Mondo's the best. I don't think I would ever wear any of the pieces - even Heidi's!

nikol.joi said... Best Blogger Tips

The 1st line definitely needed to be said. If they had a live hotline I couldve called. I dont know why everyone hates Michael C so much & his clothes never look horribly constructed to me... Damn hater :-)

sjones said... Best Blogger Tips

Personally I LOVE April and would wear her stuff, maybe not the short shorts but everything else for sure! I liked mondo too.
Andy's though? UGH!! I hated them all except the dress and even that wasn't my favorite.
I don't like to feel like I'm wearing sweat pants when I am, and Andy's looks like that to me so did Christopher's.

sacha said... Best Blogger Tips

each week pretty much agree with you. i hated seeing ivy again. i love michael c, but i think you are right... mondo has to win!

Kathleen said... Best Blogger Tips

Ha! I had the same three finalists and the same winner in mind as you. I'm definitely rooting for Mondo. Let's see how it will go.

rainydaytoys said... Best Blogger Tips

So where is the color?? Heidi's line just ran together and the things created by the designers ran right with it. It was hard to pick out one thing that didn't just look like the next. And why is Michael Kors always putting down old people and saying only old people with walkers would wear that. Well, if someone (maybe a designer) would make a look for seniors that wasn't frumpy and dark looking, seniors could buy nicer things too. Remember there are more Baby Boomers out there with $$$ than skinny Teeny Boppers.

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said... Best Blogger Tips

Excellent recap!! I was dying last night when I was watching it - I needed someone to talk to about the crazy!!

I love that Ivy sits there and says how horrible Michael C is and how dreadful his language is, after she said horrible things to him and baited him!! I never liked her and I am glad she is gone!!

I didn't like Heidi's collection to begin with I can only imagine it was hard for the designers to feel inspired by it.

I am so so tired of Gretchen. She is so high and mighty but really doesn't do anything all that great. I really would like to see her taken down a peg (Tim tried but apparently she has forgotten that) She just reminds me of one of those mean girls from high school that could do or say whatever they wanted.

All that said - Mondo is the only one I could really see winning. I think of the other designers and I can't really think of anything about them, who they are, what their style is. (well maybe other than Gretchens modern crunchiness) He is the only one that I think has the vision right now to pull off a full cohesive collection.

Laura said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree with everything you said, although I did like Michael's stuff better than Christopher's. Chris hadn't won a challenge, I'm pretty sure, and I was just bored with his items. Really, the only interesting stuff is coming from Mondo and sometimes Andy/April. I wish April would do something - anything in color. Gretchen...if she'd just figure it out (and I do mean her attitude as well as her design), she'd be great.

Shelley said... Best Blogger Tips

I really don't like Gretchen at all. I sort of hate her. I hate that she won't shut up ever... can't they interview someone else? And I cringe when I see her lurking near other's work benches during their critiques.

Heidi Heidi Heidi... I love that woman. Her impression of Gretchen cracked me up!

I think your summary was spot on. I didnt like anything April did. The first thing I said was about that weird toga dress that wasn't wearable at all. I was happy that the judges had similar opinions to mine for once. I commented outloud to the boyfriend (who watches every episode with me) that Gretchen's weird shorts looked like her crotch was eating them, minutes before Kors said something similar.

GO HOME GRETCHEN! or at least shutup :)

Sandy said... Best Blogger Tips

Everything you said was spot on! I don't think I would wear any of this stuff they made for this episode ... yuck. I can't believe this is the stuff Heidi is putting her name on. Blah and boring. Needed color. Speaking of color.. April, there is more to this world than black... please use something else before I die of boredom!
I agree with your prediction for the final three and the winner... it will/should be Mondo. And don't even get me started on that hate monger Ivy ... she is a pot stirrer, as my Grandma would say! Karma indeed! Loved seeing Casanova again.

Hermione J. Schwartz said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree with pretty much all that was said about Ivy and Gretchen. They are just mean girls. Only Gretchen is more subtle about it than Ivy.

I too really disliked Heidi's active wear line. It was just blah and frumpy. I think that is why I liked Mondo's and Andy's strikes of color blocks (even if they weren't really colorful). I especially liked the movement of Andy's pieces.

I went over to to check out how they altered Andy's designs to fit for retail and I did not like what I saw. It looks like the curves from the dress and the hoodie got changed to more of a chevron look. Again, blah.

I was sorry to see Christopher go, just because I think he is talented in what he does. *His* look and style. The active wear may have been too far away from ordinary his style and the overall frumpiness of Heidi's collection kind of cut him off at the knees.

I think that Mondo, Andy and April will be the top three. I really think Micheal C. and Gretchen are losing steam and clearity. =]

Erika said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh! I wish I could watch the show with you--I agree with everything you stated.

Ivy--is the loser (hello? She was kicked off). And I LOVED Heidi's comment about her to Michael.I also thought it was great karma to get her finger nicked after she made those comments about Michael. She is poison. It's too bad she got to show her stuff at Fashion Week, even if it was only to those in attendance. Someone that angry and hateful does not deserve that much more attention.

Gretchen--drives me batty. I think I dress simply as a mom of two toddlers but I am not down with her look. Hippie is right.

Didn't you think Heidi looked great? She seemed so much younger. Perhaps it was the fact that her dress and makeup was toned down.

Anyway, great blog!

Hanna said... Best Blogger Tips

bah, all the clothes were boring this week. I'm over this season, I want a new batch of designers to cheer for. Maybe some new judges too. Didn't Heidi used to be kind of sweet sometimes? Back in the day? We'll keep Tim naturally.

This is the one reality show I watch because it's usually about fashion and creativity, not contrived drama.

Dale said... Best Blogger Tips

i do agree that it was a bit of a blah episode tonight. Didn't like anybody's work much, including Heidi's. I was kinda rooting for Andy, as i thought his was the best of the bunch.

Also kinda liked the stuff Michael put out. It didn't fit the collection at all, and i can see how it didn't win, but at least he used color! I liked the orange pants.

Hated Aprils and Gretchen's. Hate most things theyp put out, actually. I find Gretchen's frumpy with hideous colors, and April's looking far too often like bad lingeree and only ever in black. I hope neither one goes to fashion week.... Mondo, Andy, and Michael sounds good to me. Sad that the girls didn't do so well this season.

ladykatza said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh yes, Ivy made me hum the Wicked Witch Theme from "Wizard of Oz". Honestly, I think Heidi's line of clothing is HO-HUM and I could see why the designers were less than inspired. Though I _could_ see why Andy's won and it looks like the dress is actually a bit longer in the ready-to-wear version. (Also, I'd put leggings under it anyway)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

did anyone else notice that Andy's hoodie design looked just like a Lululemon top?


Zegi said... Best Blogger Tips

I found Heidi's collection a little odd after all this time hearing her on the show saying things like, it needs color, and this was just boring and blah. When they showed her pieces my first thoughts were 1) I'm a mom picking my kids up and I wouldn't wear any of that except maybe to clean my toilet (with, not in) and 2) bo-ring!
I'm also really glad to see that someone else agrees with me about April. Hello, is this thing on? You have already sent black shorts with a bikini top and sheer crap over top of it down the runway. Maybe this week try some dark purple.

Shalyn said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm just so confused about Andy's blatant Lululemon symbol on the chest on his hoodie. The Lululemon hoodie is so iconic, and I know it is sold in NY now, so I don't see how it was ignored.
I mean, look:

Suzanne said... Best Blogger Tips

i loved the split pants to!!so beyonce...

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