Frock by Friday: Thursday

October 7, 2010

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1. If you are doing the Modcloth version, then you must download this alteration I made for the bib piece. There are two pdfs. Download the files here.
Thank you to Claire for resizing them for me!

There are two pdfs. Save them. Print them out and paste them together. There should be a bit of overlap for you to go by. i included a 3" test square to make sure you have printed it at the right size. Then cut it out.

It is made for the smallest size but if you are using a different size then follow these steps (if you want to be sure it fits try doing a muslin version first. Pin it to your dress and change fit if needed before you cut your lace.)
a. measure your bodice neckline
b. make bib neckline wider according to the measurement of the bodice neckline of your dress.
c. do the same for the back
2. If you are using lace that needs to be finished on the edges do so now. See picture to left to know where you need to finish (ie neckline and armholes).

See my tutorial on how to finish lace.

I was so pleased with the way mine turned out. Better than I could have hoped.
3. If you are doing the lazy version (like me) sew the back two pieces of the lace, right sides together.

If you are sewing in buttonloops and buttons follow these steps:
a. cut a strip of fabric 1"x11".
b. fold longways, right sides together and stitch 1/4" in.
c. turn right side out using a loop turner or safety pin.
d. Wrap tube around one button leaving 1/2" to pinch.
e. Cut out the correct number of strips for the amount of buttons you are going to use.
f. finish the back of the lace the same way you did the neckline and armholes.
g. Evenly space button loops and pin on center back 1/4" from edge.
h. Sew them to back. Trim extra loop material.
i. sew on buttons to the other side of the back matching up to loops.
4. Then sew the lace to the dress, right sides together. Clip curves.


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jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

where did you get the lace that you are using? is that the color that it was when you bought it or did you dye it to be that color? in the picture it looks to have sort of a vintage look to it and i love that look! i wish that i could get that exact same lace to use on mine...i would buy some from you seriously if you had enough left and you could send it to me?....can't wait to see it finished...was cheating i always sew along daily but on this one was not sure if i liked it and wanted to wait to see til it was over....but i reallylike it now especially that vintage looking lace so think i will try to get my hands on that and catch right up:) thanks jenn

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

You are right! It isn't the same color I started with. I dyed it the same color as my lace. I wasn't sure how it would come out but I was really pleased with the end result.

And the lace I bought at JoAnn's. And I finished the edges the same way I did for this week's Technique Tuesday's Tutorial.

Do you have a JoAnn's near your home?

Claire (aka Seemane) said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kathleen

I've just sent you an email saying....

"I hope you don't mind - I found that your x2 PDF files were really big (one was like 17MB the other 18MB) and they took me a while to download.

So... I've re-drawn them as line drawings (I used 'CorelDRAW X4') the file size is now only 132KB and the PDF file is 2-pages - it will be quicker to download, plus as it's now just black & white lines it'll save ink when printing out too (yay!):)

Best wishes,

jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

sort of near...i can finish the edges myself do you have enough of the dyed piece that you would be willing to sell and send to me? i was there at the beginning of the week and did not see that style lace?

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

You're so right. I always forget to scale down the files before I upload them. Thank you so much for the new ones! That was so thoughtful of you. I really appreciate it. I will be linking to them instead in a few minutes.

Thank you again.

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't have anymore:( But I should be stopping at JoAnn's soon (within the next few days, I could pickup some for you. And don't worry about paying me. It's no problem:)

Just send me your address to my email.

Jane said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kathleen,

I'm working on this over a week after the fact, so I don't know if you're still paying attention to this FBF, but I guess I'll ask anyway...

I'm confused about the new yoke pieces. Are the front and back pieces supposed to be pasted together at the top, so that you wind up cutting one large piece (once placed on the fold)? Or am I just cutting the front on the fold, and then cutting two back pieces separately? It seems like they should be pasted together because I don't see any indication that you're sewing lace to lace anywhere but at the back seam, but the tops of each piece don't match up (the front "top of dress" is wider than the back "top of dress") Sorry to be so obtuse! Thanks...

Jane said... Best Blogger Tips

Blerg. Figured it out. Duh. Nevermind.

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