Keto and Gluten Free Swedish Meatballs

April 13, 2019

These are my new dinner favorite. Keto Swedish meatballs. The lowest carb meatballs that I can find at the store have 1g net carbs per meatball which can really add up when you're eating meatballs. These meatballs are .68g per meatball.

The first time I made these it took me at least an hour and a TON of dishes. Since then I figured out that making 3lbs of meatballs at once is a good rule. Now it only takes about 15 minutes and two small skillets. Each pound of hamburger makes about 24 meatballs. I serve about 5 or 6 meatballs per serving and between my husband and I that leaves about 5 more meals for later. It's also easier to form the meatballs and keep them from falling apart in the skillet after the meatball mix has been in the refrigerator for a day. Plus, you can mix these meatballs with other sauces like barbecue or marinara and have a totally new meal. Get the recipe at Gnom Gnom.

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