Keto BLTs with Low Carb Sola Sweet Bread

April 14, 2019

Who says you can't have your bread and eat it too?

Normally on keto or any low carb diet one would have to deprive themselves of those classic sandwich delights. Grilled cheese, BLTs, peanut butter sandwiches, lunch meat sandwiches....the list goes on. In today's modern keto market you now have choices! I made these classic BLTs last night using my favorite low carb bread: Sola Sweet Bread. And it tastes no different than it's high carb version. And believe me, I'm picky about that.

I know there's keto people out there who don't do net carbs or stay away from certain ingredients and if you're one of those people then this bread isn't for you but for people like me who do nets and aren't opposed to incorporating grains or gluten in their diet this is LIFE SAVING. I don't know if I could do keto without it. It makes my life so much easier at times when I'm looking for a quick lunch or snack. Also, it definitely satisfies those bread cravings. For me, it keeps me from falling off the wagon. I've seen some people argue that eating low carb versions of normally high carb things will keep you craving those things. Maybe that's true for them but I haven't eaten or craved high carb bread since January and I credit that to Sola Sweet.

I love this bread at at only 3g net carbs per slice it has 5 times LESS carbs than regular bread. It's more expensive than your generic loaf at Walmart but if you buy in bulk it adds up to around $6 a loaf which isn't crazy especially if you're craving bread. If you buy on Amazon it's about $9.30 a loaf! So buy it from and buy 5 or more loaves for a multi-bread discount and free shipping Also use coupon code: CHEFRYAN for 15% off.

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