Make this statement piece for your dining room from just a few pieces of scrap wood!

November 18, 2016

I've been trying to redo my dining room without spending much money. So I've been taking items that I already have and repurposing them. I can now add this "Gather" sign above our hutch to my list of cheaply made statement pieces.
It was constructed out of scrap wood, 2 1'x8' furring strips, stain that I already had on hand and white paint that I already had on hand. I created a template for the words and symbols that you can download here GATHERARROW. Tutorial for sign below.

As I've been redoing the dining room my husband noted how the space above the hutch seemed empty. If you have this same problem with space above a hutch this sign is a good filler. It's long but also short.
It was so easy. Don't be intimidated by wood. The assembly of the sign was the easy part. The hardest part is just staying in the lines when painting on the letters and arrows. That I will admit was tedious. Tedious NOT technical.
The template for the sign is 16" high. So if you want to use scrap wood for this project just be sure you can cut it down to 16" or somewhere close to that. The letters SHOULD fall off the sign a little bit.
2 1"x8' furring strips
scrap wood cut to 16" high
White paint
Wood glue
Templates Download here: GATHERARROW

Lay your scrap wood horizontally. My sign was 7 ft long but yours can be as long as you want it to be depending on how spaced out you want your arrows and word to be. Cut your furring strips down to the length you want your sign. Mine was 7 ft. Glue your furring strips horizontally across your wood. Nail with nail gun or hammer.

Stain your wood.

Tape together your templates.

Turn them over and chalk up the outlines.

Place it back on the wood and tape the papers to the sign. Then trace the outlines of the letters and arrows with a pen. Push hard when you are outlining.

Take the remove the template and start painting in your outlines with white paint. Done!

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