Holiday Pillows out of Thrift Store Sweaters

November 3, 2016

I've been wanting to do some holiday decorating this year aside from the traditional tree and wreaths. I'd love to switch out some pillows, curtains and wall art. Unfortunately even cheap pillows cost a fortune, especially when you want to buy multiple ones. An easy hack is to buy holiday sweaters at the thrift store and recover old pillows with them!
I bought these sweaters at my local thrift store for half off the ticket price. So all but one of them were $1. The snowflake sweater was $2.

If you want matching pillows, one option is to use a different backing, like a matching red knit or grey flannel or white cotton. Then you can use the front of the sweater for one pillow and the back of the sweater for another.
I also embellished the grey sweater pillow with some cute white bauble trim I had lying around in my trim stash.
So easy and so cute! But best of cheap!
Similar pillows sell at home stores for $40 a piece!
I used old pillows that I had in my storage closet. If you don't have any extra pillows hanging around you can always find some at the thrift store for pretty cheap too.
I just cut off the sleeves and cut the fabric to the size of the pillow. Then I sewed the two squares right sides together leaving an opening for the pillow form. Then turned right side out.
  I closed the opening with a ladder stitch.
If your pillow is close to the size of your sweater you can even leave the sides in tact for less sewing.

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