Spring Monogram Door Decor

March 23, 2016

Out with the Valentine's Wreath! In with the spring themed door decor! I made this timely monogrammed sign for $30 and you can easily too! In fact you can do it for less if you make the moss monogram yourself but I decided to opt for the lazy way;-P
I bought the rustic pallet backdrop at JoAnns for only $10. But I used a 60% off one item coupon from last week which I don't think they're offering anymore. It's $25 but if you use their current 40% off coupon it will be $15. I then stained it with a rustic gray stain.
The moss monogram letter P I bought off Amazon for $16.91. They come in other letters too. Just type in "Lillian Rose Moss Letter" plus the letter you want in the search box.
I bought the flowers from Dollar Tree for only $4 total!

To hang the pallet I drilled a hole on either side of the pallet and threaded the burlap into it and tied a knot to keep it from coming out. See above photo. I attached the moss letter with a nail gun and I threaded the faux flower stems through the slats in the pallet and hot glued them to the other side.
Like I said, you can do this cheaper if you try to make the moss monogram yourself. You could even try to do the diagonal pallet yourself with a saw and nail gun if you own those things. I got the pallet for so cheap it didn't make sense to DIY.

That's it! Aside from the staining it too about 15 minutes to actually assemble. Enjoy!

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So charming, like everything else you create! CM

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