Have a Hydration Hero in Your Life?

April 27, 2016

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Brita Universal Jug Cooler Filtration System for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I've been saving all my projects for warm weather. It's surprising how hot you can get even in 65 degrees when you're working in the sun. While working on my headboard project it was so nice having my ice cold Brita Jug Filter system  on hand. Instead of running in the house every 15 minutes to get a sip of water I was able to just pour when needed. Plus the kids loved grabbing a glass while they played outside with me instead of having to go inside as well.

Do you have a hydration "hero" in your life? Brita wants you to know who is your unsung hydration hero. Maybe a husband who is always working on weekend projects. Maybe it's a soccer coach who always makes sure no one goes thirsty. I'm nominating my dad. Growing up he was always outside working on cars in the summer heat. I have many a memory of him toiling under the hood of a car with a glass of cold water nearby. He was an electrician by trade and a handyman by choice.

Just upload a picture of your hero to Be a Brita Hero. Alternatively you can post your picture to either Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #H2Ohero by May 8th.  Participants will be narrowed down to 4 finalists on May 28th who will then be entered into a final vote and the winner will receive a free TRIP TO THE BAHAMAS!!!! Sounds good, right?

Want to help that unsung stay hydrated while working hard? Don't want to spend a fortune on water bottles? Don't drink unfiltered tap water that chlorine taste and odor. It's so easy to install the filter (sold at homedepot.com). You can easily use it with Coleman, Igloo and Rubbermaid jug coolers. Just remove the threaded cap on the inside of your jug.

The kit comes with several filters. Just pick the one that matches the thread on your jug spout.

Twist it on where you removed the original cap.

Then just twist the filter over the new blue cap.

Voila! Instant filtered water! Enough for 2 months worth of 5 gallon jugs! Seriously, can NOT beat the price of that. Do you know how much water bottles cost?! We've gone through about a case per week in our home. Not to mention the fact that they multiply like bunnies around the house. If I move the sofa or bed to another part of the room inevitably there are a hoard of bottles congregating in the corner. This filter is nice and simple no wandering bottles to worry about later.

It's also great for sporting events. Know a coach or have a little one who's on a team? Instead of spending all that money on water bottles just fill up this jug right before you head out with 5 gallons of FREE tap water.

Between handymen, coaches and athletes I'm sure there's someone you know who would make a great nominee for the 
Be a Brita Hero contest!
Never be thirsty on the job again! For a video see below!

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