November is DIY Scarf Month

November 12, 2012

Starting tomorrow until the end of the month I'll be posting unique DIY scarves. Living in the east, the thing I dislike about a lot of scarves is that they look pretty but offer little protection as a 'scarf'. I hate the cold. I hate the wind. I hate winter. Aside from the cozy feeling I get on a cold Christmas night, I'd trade seasons for sun any day.
So I want my scarves to be thick and warm. When that 10° wind hits my exposed skin I want something substantial as a defense. BUT, at the same time, I want it to look cute with my clothing. I like the scarf to stand out as much as the shoes. And bonus! Great homemade gifts for the fam;-)

So if you expect those things in your outerwear stop by for the next two weeks and enjoy some fun in away from the sun.

6 {comments}:

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said... Best Blogger Tips

Woo hoo!!! I can't wait!!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome! I was just searching extensively on Pinterest for scarves because I was wanting to make some for friends in a mom's group I lead. Excited to see what you come up with.

Kellie said... Best Blogger Tips

yay!! looking forward to it!

{jen} iCandyhandmade said... Best Blogger Tips

Super excited! I keep thinking about making some...maybe this will be my incentive!

Justine of SewCountryChick said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes, I always love your tutorials !

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Can't wait to see them! I've been saving a couple pieces of fabric to make into scarves!
By the way, don't know if you are aware, and it may just be me, but when I open your blog about 5 advertizements float across the screen and all have to be closed to be able to read your blog, its kinda annoying.

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