DIY Scarf Month: Neckerchief Scarf with FREE PATTERN

November 14, 2012

Hey! Today is the first day of Scarf Month. Get all the scarves hereI'm delighted to share this little ditty. It's so easy and looks so chic!
Get the pattern and how to below!
Make a ton for friends and family as Christmas gifts!
Old Sweater
Sewing Machine
Neckerchief Scarf Pattern
Note: if you have a wider neck try adding an inch to the short end of the middle piece.

Step 1: Take an old sweater. I bought these at the thrift store on their half off day. So I bought this sweater for only $2.50. I liked the stripes. I think traditional knit sweaters look best.
Step 2: Print out your pattern. Match overlapping squares on each piece of paper and tape together. To verify the size measure the long end of the middle piece it should be 14.25". Pin your pattern pieces to the sweater. Cut two of the middle piece. Cut four of the tip piece. And cut 1 of the loop piece.

Step 3: Pin your middle and tip pieces like so, right sides together.
Step 4: Sew along pins. I recommend setting your stitch length to the longest setting and your tension to the highest setting when sewing knits. They tend to get stretched out and this setting will help to reduce that from happening.
Step 5: Iron the seams open and flat.
Step 6: Lay each of your two pieces on top of each other right sides together and pin, matching seams. Sew along outer edge leaving a 3" opening on one of the long sides so that you can turn inside out later.
 Step 7: Turn right side out,
Step 8: Sew the opening shut. You can either top stitch with your machine or hand stitch an invisible seam. Here's a good tutorial on how to do that.
Step 9: (Optional) If you want to flatten your scarf even more you can top stitch around the edges. But be warned this can cause your material to stretch and scallop around the edges. If it does stretch, try steam ironing it back to a flat shape.
Step 10: (Ignore color of material) Take your loop piece and fold in half along long side, right sides together. Stitch edge together. Turn right side out.
Step 11: Pin the loop 1" below the tip and middle seam. Sew in place at edge of loop. Note: the loop in this picture may look longer than yours. I ultimately went with a shorter loop than a longer one.
Step 12: Fold over the seam you just sewed (toward the middle of the scarf). Fold edge under loop and top stitch in place or hand stitch with heavy embroidery thread if you want an invisible seam.
Step 13: Done! Just wrap around neck and  pull one tip through the loop to wear.

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Megan Wynn Volnoff said... Best Blogger Tips

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I've got a few pre baby sweaters I could use for this!! Thanks!

{jen} iCandyhandmade said... Best Blogger Tips

This is so cute. It would be really cute for kids too...

Kellie said... Best Blogger Tips

love it! and i agree with jen, super cute for kids too!

h said... Best Blogger Tips

This is a really cute tutorial.

However, the Facebook pop-up that appears every time I visit this site is incredibly heinous. I have to unsubscribe. It's a shame, because otherwise this is a lovely blog.

sister outlaws said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks great! You'll find lots of recycled jumper scarf ideas to try out on my

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

ok, this is really cute! I'm not a huge scarf fan, but I love this one!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Oooooh my goodness.....I'm going to the thrift store today, and definitely doing this! I thought it was going to be a tutorial for knitting or crocheting (which I can barely crochet a straight line, and can't knit for the life of me) so I am so excited it's a sewing project! These are too freakin cute! Thanks!

Helen said... Best Blogger Tips

I made one! I added the hearts to the ends. It turned out really cute.
The only thing that wasn't clear for me was whether seam allowances were included or not, and how big they were.
Here's a picture of the finished scarf:

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

This is one of the cutest and useful refashionings of sweaters (or anything) I have seen!!
Thank you

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

where can i buy one of this scarf ?
Can someone pls let me know - thanks!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Where can i online buy this ?
Can someone pls let me know - Thanks! (buying for my wife)

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