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May 1, 2011

I think I've mentioned before how I'm not so much into tattoos. I've never had one and I can't imagine anything I'd want permanently displayed on my body. But recently through Pintrest I've found some really interesting tattoo ideas. Some that have me reconsidering the idea of a tattoo. Like this one for instance. Honestly, I'm not even sure it is a tattoo but it would make a pretty cute one if it was.
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crafterhours said... Best Blogger Tips

When I was in college I was determined to get a tattoo on my heel and everyone thought I was nuts. I even had my design picked out, but my soon-to-be husband vetoed it vehemently. I don't regret not getting it, but I wouldn't have regretted getting it either, if that makes sense. It's in a place where it truly is "just for you" and won't even show up in an evening dress or bathing suit. The perfect compromise, in my opinion :)

TFern said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't want to be the one to burst your bubble on your reconsidering tattoo thing but a tattoo on the bottom of your foot or even the palm of your hand will not last...the color will rub off...I have a tattoo of Tink on the top of my foot that I need to have touched up b/c of my shoes always rubbing on it :(

Jessie said... Best Blogger Tips

I was going to say what TCahal said. All tats fade but being on such a well used part of the body it would fade quicker. I love it though!

Jenny Rodriguez said... Best Blogger Tips

You have to check out Post shop on Etsy. They have tattoo tights!! I'm in love with them:

And if you're so inclined, I made a tattoo inspired Mother's Day wreath you might like:

I love tattoos, but could never settle on an image..

Adventures in Dressmaking said... Best Blogger Tips

OWW! That would hurt sooo bad!

I have three small, pretty tattoos, two that I designed myself and one is Picasso's peace dove. I love them!

Brandy Layton said... Best Blogger Tips

Truly Unique and fun, though I could imagine the wear being on the heel. Being a Military wife my dream of getting the tattoo I want on my back well not going to happen now. So Ineed to find alternative nice places to put them.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

That would be a fun place for a tattoo! I have a tattoo on my thigh, it only shows if I am wearing a swimming suit, it has personal meaning, and I love it!

Danielle said... Best Blogger Tips

I was just about to comment about the palm heel thing too. My hubby has his wedding band tattooed on. They told him that they couldn't do it all the way around because it wouldn't last. So he just has the infinity symbol on the top of his ring finger. They heel and palm are different type of skin then the rest of our body and tattoos just don't last there. (I think they told him it would only last a year or two if he did it)

However this tattoo/fake tattoo image is awesomely cute! I love the tattoos that you find. Its very inspiring for if I ever decide to get one!

DB said... Best Blogger Tips

Heart and sole?

Jennifer Rzasa said... Best Blogger Tips



Sew Good said... Best Blogger Tips

keep in mind all tattoos stretch. Had mine when I was in my tantalizing thirties, now in my foxy fifties it has gotten longer where it was much smaller when it was new.

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@DBOMGoodness you're totally right! I didn't even get it and I still though it was cute!

Author said... Best Blogger Tips

@Jennifer Rodriguez

Oh wow I love those tattoo tights! Thanks for sharing!

Shalyn said... Best Blogger Tips

I have one tattoo and I love mine. I always admire various foot tattoos, but I have seen that they are the fastest to fade. It seems to be due to the kind of skin there and how much weathering your feet take, but I've seen foot tattoos almost disappear altogether.

Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

@Jennifer Rzasa
so smart! love it.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

i have three tattoos and i'm scheduled for my fourth in October. I have one in the middle of my upper back, one on one foot, and one starting on the other foot and trailing up my leg. if you get a tattoo from a reputable artist for a personal reason it's almost impossible to regret it. feet are tough and they're definitely one of the most PAINFUL places, and they're hard to take care of in the beginning. you can get a tattoo on the sole of your foot, and it likely wouldn't hurt too much, but it would completely disappear shortly afterwards. plenty of people get tattoos in places that they know are going to disappear though, such as the inside of the lips.

Gail said... Best Blogger Tips

I detest tattoos. They may look ok on fresh young skin, but terrible as the skin ages.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I've heard that tattoos on the bottom of your feet will wear off. So maybe this is a good tattoo for you, but I would think it would be one ticklish tattoo session.

Nikkee said... Best Blogger Tips

That picture makes me laugh =) I did the same thing back in 2009 for a photography project

Chrissi said... Best Blogger Tips

Tattoos don't rub off! What nonsense! Your body sloughs off skin as you grow the next layer of epidermis underneath. That's why ALL tattoos fade eventually. Not getting one now because it may fade to a point where it needs to be touched up in ten years is ridiculous.

Get the tattoo. Enjoy it while it's bright and vibrant (which it will be for quite a while longer because it's not subjected to much UV exposure on the bottom of a foot) and get it touched up in 10 or 15 years if need be. (Or ignore it because it's on the bottom of your dang foot! ;)) A good tattoo artist will gladly point up his own work for free when it begins to look faded because his clients are walking billboards.

leslie said... Best Blogger Tips

Temporary tattoos are easy and fun to do. You just need to be creative when choosing a tattoo design to be placed on the body. Since the tattoos are temporary, feel free to experiment. Have fun, be creative, one's work of art is an expression of one's personality.

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