Inspiration 15

May 1, 2011

Mandy, LOVE the dress!
I'd really like to make a dress like this with a little square open below the breast line for special occasions. I'd never have an opportunity to wear it but I would get to try it on in my bedroom from time to time just to ooh and awww over it.
Source: via Allison

4 {comments}:

felicia said... Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous! I would totally wear that!

Giulia said... Best Blogger Tips

it's amazing! I would like a dress like this too!

April said... Best Blogger Tips

lol! I do the same thing with clothes I don't get to wear often! My closet is in the master bath so sometime times when I get out of the tub I just try a few things favorite is the dress I wore to my bridal shower...I could wear it to lunch or something but it's too small now...pout

Nikkee said... Best Blogger Tips

The dress looks easy to make.. But I can't find a shot of the whole thing =( If you find one I'll make it haha ^_~

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