Pinwheel Shorts Free Pattern in Cobalt Damask

August 30, 2016

I'm so ready for summer. Walking barefoot. Tee shirts. Tank tops. And SHORTS! Just like uncomfortable jeans, there are uncomfortable shorts. The kind that hurt your lady parts. Sorry to be blunt but you know what I mean!

 I like wearing elastic, loose-legged shorts in the summer but I don't like looking as though I'm wearing men's boxers. I want cute shorts that I can wear to the grocery store! Kayaking. Even dare say, a casual summer dinner party. You too? Well look no further I think I found the shorts for us!
I love, love, love the way these shorts came out. They're so comfy but don't look like pajamas. I can't wait to make 10 of these in varying colors, patterns and trims for the summer.
My older daughter Lily loved these shorts too. And she's totally on fleek so I'm going to take that as a compliment;-) She asked me to make her a pair so maybe in the near future I'll have a kids version as well!

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