Goodwill Finds: The Rest of my Monday Load

November 28, 2014

This being Black Friday I decided to post the rest of my Goodwill/Target Salvage Finds. All of this stuff was purchased at Goodwill. All of it is actually from Target, new in box or with tags. Read my post on how to find awesome Target deals at Goodwill.

These sweater socks from Target. Only $3.50 a piece after discount. I bought three and plan to give for Christmas gifts. Currently sells for $13 a piece at Target.

Room Essentials office chair. Only $5! Originally sold for $60 at Target. There were three more just like this that will be half off on Monday that I hope to snatch up.

This Original Big Wheel. Only $12.50 after discount. Currently sells for $40 at Target.

Cody the Smart Cub only $5 at Goodwill. Currently sells for $14.79 at Target.

Touch Tones Giraffe. Bought for $4 at Goodwill (no half off discount because the tag was "B". Still a good deal!). Currently sells for $17 at Target.

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