Simply Spray Fabric Paint Makeover

September 19, 2014

Yesterday a neighbor dumped an IKEA Poang chair and ottoman out on their front lawn next to their garbage. I drove by it on my way to the thrift store (of all places) and couldn't resist putting it in my car. I admit, the cushion had seen better days. 
There were stains. I might have been able to get it out with a lot of bleach and elbow grease but I didn't want a white cover anyway. So I went to JoAnns with the intention of getting some RIT dye and dying the off-white covers to gray. Then I found this fabric spray. 
I guess I had always shyed away from fabric spray because I thought the end result would be stiff. Seems to good to be true- a paint that dries soft?! But the label on the front of the can promised to "stay soft" so I took a chance and bought two cans. I used two 40% off JoAnn's coupons so originally at $12.99 each the two cans I bought came up to $16.51 with tax and coupons. Not too bad considering a new grey Poang cushion cover is $60 at IKEA. Here was the finished result.
I was pleased. All the stains were hidden behind the dark paint and the color was just what I wanted for the bedroom. The fabric was slightly stiffer but not so stiff that I would feel uncomfortable sitting on it.
Here's a video showing me painting the fabric and how it feels after.
I like how the color of the wood in the chair is a close match to the color I stained the toy box. Overall I'm pleased with the product. For only $16.50 it was worth it.

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cleo said... Best Blogger Tips

Did you wash the cushion at all? If so. How?

cleo said... Best Blogger Tips

Did u wash the cushion? If so how?

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