Metal Garage Door Makeover with Simple Paint

September 17, 2014

I saw this an just couldn't resist sharing. This is just such an easy, awesome idea. Ever HATE your plain garage door? Ever long for those charming doors with the windows and the hardware? Who said you couldn't just paint on the windows, huh? Looks convincing to me. This idea is courtesy of Two Peas and Bucket which is now no longer has a website. Don't know why they wouldn't just leave up the old site so everyone could reference it so there's no tutorial except for the picture below but I think you can glean what you need from it. If not, here's a similar tutorial from Pinterest Addict. I think painting the top two rows of squares to look like windows would be even better than just painting the one row. Might look even cooler if you combined it with this tutorial from Domestically Speaking on gel staining your metal door to look wooden.

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