Don't Call the Police, I'm Still Alive

March 14, 2014

Hello fellow Grosgrain reader who haven't yet forsaken me! I'm sorry I haven't been able to post for the last two weeks. My son Henri threw my brand new laptop on the floor and now it refuses to turn on or even indicate that it's charging. If you remember he broke my last new laptop this summer when he spilled soda on the keyboard and when I say "spilled" I mean he turned a soda can upside down over the top. We had a "kids" computer but Henri threw that one the floor months ago as well so I am currently sans computer. Aside from the iphone, kindle, cell service, Spotify and HBO, I'm basically living in the 80s. It's hard to believe such a sweet face inspire to do such bad things! Maybe seeing him like this puts it in perspective. If not for my awesome friend Beth I wouldn't have even been able to post this! Hopefully I'll be back online next week!

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Those darn kids. I should really get mine a shirt that says I'm why we can't have nice things.

mashalive said... Best Blogger Tips

Okay, i think its just the beginning, my daughter has already sank 3 smartphones in water. sometimes i feel like shouting at her but when i look at her innocent face i become speechless. kids are adorable


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