10 Minute Cord Cleanup {Organizer}

March 20, 2014

I'm finally back! Hooray! Just got my new computer fully up and running yesterday. It's a desktop computer. I figured not only is it cheaper than a laptop it's far less breakable. It is much larger than my 13" Lenovo Yoga. I purchased a nice 24" screen so working with Photoshop is AWESOME! But that also means making space on my already cluttered desk where all our cell phones and tablets and batteries were being charged. I wiped the desk clean but decided to make a place where the kids could easily access the chargers so that I didn't have to constantly be charging their devices for them or have them play with mine because their's died.
On the spur of the moment I made this which actually turned out pretty decent I think. I just took a bit of black scrap cardstock paper cut (somewhat) evenly spaced holes with a Martha Stewart hole punch, labeled each hole in marker and ran the cords through.
I cut the cardstock to evenly fit the back of the opening in my shelf and hot glued the paper to the back. Finally I cut the same number of circles out of another piece of cardstock with a slightly larger hole punch and cut a slit halfway into them and wrapped those around the ends of the cords so they wouldn't slip through the holes.
This is what it looks like in the shelf. It's easy enough so that my kids don't need my help to plug thing in. It's also right by the door so if the room is cluttered (which it can tend to be at times) they don't have to climb over anything to get to it. HEY! If you had one of those shelves with a faux laminated cardboard back (I know IKEA sells them, the Billy bookcases) you could do this with a strong enough hole punch if you didn't mind cutting up your backing.
Voila! Just paper, a punch, scissors and a marker. 10 minute cord organizer. No boxes or grommets involved;-)

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