String Cinched Balloon Jack-o-Lantern and Gourd Project!

October 8, 2013

Make these simple balloons look just like jack-o-lanterns and gourds! These two fun and easy crafts are from the October issue on news stands now! Get the tutorial below! Check out the new Martha Stewart Living for all your Halloween craft and goodie ideas. Other highlights include Spiderweb Florentine, temporary Halloween tattoo projects and eye catching pumpkin carvings! Photos by Aaron Dyer. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. Copyright © 2013. For more Halloween craft ideas, check out

Several strands of twine (or embroidery floss) are all it takes to make a balloon look segmented, bulbous, and fresh from the pumpkin patch.

Waxed twine
Metal washer
White glue
Crepe-paper streamer
Lightweight black construction paper
D├ęcoupage finish & paintbrush
Sources Crepe streamer, in Kiwi Green,

1. To find proper length, wrap twine around inflated balloon, add 6 inches, and cut. Cut 2 more pieces the same length.
2. Loop or knot twine through washer so it has 6 spokes, as shown, top right.
3. Place balloon on top of washer; pull 2 opposing strands of twine up and knot around balloon knot. Repeat with other 4 strands.
4. Trim excess twine down to 1 inch; trim off rolled edge of balloon knot. Apply glue to strings and remaining knot. Wrap with a 4-inch piece of streamer. Dab end with glue to hold in place.
5. Make jack-o’-lantern face, following instructions on page 102 of October's Martha Stewart Living.
Skeleton Skulls
Glue Dots are extra-sticky and adhere to balloons’ latex surface better than double-sided tape.

White card stock
Lightweight black construction paper
D├ęcoupage finish & paintbrush
Balloon Paper garland Glue Dots
Sources Original Glue Dots Memory Book, 3⁄8", $4 for 300,

1. Print templates from halloween-balloon-crafts and cut out. Trace shapes onto card stock and construction paper and cut out.
2. Decoupage the face (see instructions, left).
3. Trim garland as shown, above. Cut spine and limbs: We used 14 inches for spine, 16 for arms, and 19 for legs.
4. Adhere spine and arms to balloon with glue dots. Add on legs, hands, and feet clip art with dots.

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