Halloween Costumes from Two of My Favorite Shows

October 9, 2013

Any Breaking Bad Fans out there? Since this isn't a television blog I didn't say two words about the finale but I am such a HUGE BB fan that I could have wrote a book. So in tribute to the show and to the upcoming holiday I saw this costume and thought I'd post. Can't seem find the original source of this image. This costume might be better for an adult. Still, I laughed, but I can see how some might frown on your kid dressing up like a meth cooker;-P
Any of you Once Upon a Time fans? Then you are familiar with the latest episodes. Be the nefarious Peter Pan's shadow. Get the how to at Tikkido.

2 {comments}:

bedelia said... Best Blogger Tips

The Peter Pan costume makes me wish I had twins to dress up as Peter pan and his shadow.

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@bedeliaOH MY GOSH! That's so clever! Someone should DO THAT!

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