Non-Maternity "Fit to Flatter" Transition Frock Advice

January 19, 2012

Today I took a big step. I tried on some non-maternity clothes. Now, I know it's only been a week since I was 39 weeks pregnant but it is somewhat discouraging. I want to be able to wear something other than nightgowns and maternity dresses when I go out of my house. I still have quite a bit of tummy (obviously) but the truth is you can wear figure flattering dresses right after having a baby and impress all your friends as long as you know what to avoid AND have a pair of high waisted Spanx in your closet;)

Now, realistically you probably won't be able to wear the dresses you currently own. Usually I go out and purchase a few dresses in size Large. You can always take them in later. Brian's sister gave me a $75 gift card to Modcloth for Christmas and I've been perusing their site looking for some good transition dresses. Through my previous three 'transitions' I've found that what looks most flattering in those first couple months as far as dresses are concerned are empire waisted (or higher waisted), A-line, gathered or pleated, longer length, knit, V-Neck frocks. V-necks are optional but much more helpful with breastfeeding. I avoid dresses with lower waist lines (waistlines tend to rise when your breastfeeding and your bust size is larger so just keep that in mind), anything less than 35" long, anything flat front and any fitted skirt. Here were some of my options.

In the end, can you guess which one I bought? Click through the jump to find out.
I liked the length, nursing friendly V-neck and higher, more forgiving waistline.
If it looks good I'll write a review;)
I also loved this dress:
But the $180 price point was deal breaker. Although it looks simple enough. 
Thinking about trying to make a version of my own.
This yellow number will be my goal weight dress. Love look!

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Emily said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the dress you picked!! :) For some reason when I wear empire waisted dresses after having a baby, people still think I'm pregnant. I must be missing the spanx. :)

Laura said... Best Blogger Tips

hm. The $180 dress looks like a take on a shirt dress. And my, with a button front, nursing would be easy!

Stefi said... Best Blogger Tips

I hear you. I gave birth 3 months ago and find it frustrating that I can't wear my usual clothes...

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm pretty lucky and haven't had to adjust my clothing at all through my most recent pregnancy (I have a 7wk old). Empire tops still make me look pregnant- but did when I was 22, flat stomached and non-mama so theres no hope for me there. I Nursed my first daughter for a year exclusive so I had a serious need for nursing friendly clothing and formal wear and found that tops accessible from the bottom were better then ones which opened from the top as you wouldn't get stretched necklines or dribble stains from the baby lying on it. The fabric also needed to be quite heavy to hide nursing bra seams, pads and any unfortunate leaks (it was a very messy experience for us). I liked wrap tops and skirts, pref with a print to hide any accidental milk/puke marks when youre out and about and unable to change straight away and big waterfall cardigans as they doubled up as nursing blankets too so great for nursing in public or a chilly room. Formal wear was a nightmare as I'm tiny waisted but very big boobed so it's hard to find things that fit normally so in the end I just dug out some very basic formal jersy wrap dresses and wore sparkly accessories. Towards the end I started to adapt my underwire bras into nursing bras too as they offered better support

liZ said... Best Blogger Tips

Loved this post...I had my 3rd baby almost 4 months ago and still have a few pounds left before I'm back to my normal size. I know I'll be wearing my old jeans soon but it seems like it takes me forever to get back there.

It is frustrating because I feel skinny then I pull up my jeans and I realize that no...I've still got a ways to go. Agh! But I love the idea of those lovely dresses to wear as transitions.

Leslie said... Best Blogger Tips

Those are really cute dresses. I wanted to leave a comment here because after my third csection I was bummed that the weight was taking a while to come off. At the six week mark I still had 10 lbs to go and I asked my doctor how those celebrities are able to do it so fast. What she told me I will never EVER forget. She told me that when you are pregnant, your body stores up fat for a reason. That after your baby is born you are suppose to pass that fat onto your baby through your breast milk over the course of 6-9 months or more. She said that women who restrict their diet or exercise a lot to lose the weight in those first 6 months are actually depriving their baby of that fat. Now obviously some women lose the weight super fast without trying, but it really helped me to feel so much better about my body. She urged me to eat healthy but not worry about the scale going down until she was 6 months old. And whenever I tried on those jeans and they didn't zip I'd remind myself that I was nourishing my baby as best as I could. And the weight DID come off so that I wore my pre-pregnancy jeans by her first birthday.

Just another way to look at your extra tummy...

~ Kim ~ said... Best Blogger Tips

I just recieved my first Modcloth dress (see blog)and after a season of basketball I am back to pre preg size after 6months. I am addicted to Modcloth now but wish the weather was warmer so I can wear dresses. I love those Spanx, I have my own tummy flattening underwear (Dr Rey) cos preg does that to your body.

The Prudent Homemaker said... Best Blogger Tips

Pregnant with my 7th now (my oldest is 10). I've never been able to find dresses to wear while nursing! I never even considered a v-neck dress for nursing; that is interesting!

I've stuck to button down blouses and lots of skirts.

I had to giggle that you're at 39 weeks and no longer pregnant. My children have all been born past 42 weeks; the last one was 44 weeks exactly!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Cute dresses! I don't have any kids yet, but someday I will and this post will come in handy! :)


Amber Bockman said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm looking forward to post-pregoness! I'm just rounding the 3rd trimester and looking forward to the end, a scheduled C-section. This will be our first boy too! Can't to see the projects you have up your sleeve!

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