Happy Birthday Baby

January 24, 2012

My (now) second youngest just turned two on Saturday.
Since it has been so close to our hospital stay we didn't have a big party just a little family get together. Fortunately Eloise is still small enough that she doesn't have much opinion about big parties.
My new computer should be coming in by Thursday and I can start posting more regularly.
Love you little one.

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LGreenWriter said... Best Blogger Tips

Eloise is just so sweet. As for your posting more regularly - I remember what it was like, recovering from a C-section - it's amazing that you're posting at all. Thanks for thinking of us! : )

Ellen said... Best Blogger Tips

Eloise is darling! And I love her name!

MommaWard said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Birthday, Big Sister!

Melissa said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Birthday Eloise! My daughter turned two on Saturday too! :)

Barbara Brown said... Best Blogger Tips

aw, happy birthday.
P.s. I am hosting a giveaway on my blog that i think you and your readers would be interested in.

izan baharuddin said... Best Blogger Tips

so sweet.. :))

Sunita Ghosh said... Best Blogger Tips

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cbaker said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Birthday Eloise! It is so nice that you are taking the time to post to your blog while recovering from your latest birth and raising your other children! I love the last pictures that scroll through her moods - the irritated picture is too cute for words!

Love, Yesterdays said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Birthday to the sweet baby! I love those rotating pictures at the end, especially the irritated pic. So sweet!

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