Costume Ideas 5: Tutu Fever

October 10, 2011

Have any of you seen the Halloween costume ideas for tutus out there recently. Pretty creative. And tutus are so easy to make. I've done a tutorial on no sew tutus in the past. See here.
Source: via Kathleen on Pinterest
Source: via Kathleen on Pinterest
Source: via Kathleen on Pinterest

Source: via Kathleen on Pinterest

Source: via Kathleen on Pinterest

Source: via Kathleen on Pinterest

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Emily said... Best Blogger Tips

My little red riding hood might need a tutu. :) Thanks for the idea!

Jessica said... Best Blogger Tips

These are all amazing kid costumes! And tulle is soooooooo inexpensive!

Rachael said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow that breakfast at tiffany's costume is beyond cute!! I love them all, but that made my heart happy! Thanks for sharing!

Linda Z said... Best Blogger Tips

What a fantastic idea... if only I had girls!! :)

lostyarnloft said... Best Blogger Tips

So.. is that strange if I want to do these for myself?! So adorable! Especially that Queen of Hearts!

longredthread said... Best Blogger Tips

So cute :) especially the red riding hood costumes. In such moments I wish I had my own daughter.

Kamieo Photography said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome! I took two of those photos!

Aerie said... Best Blogger Tips

How would you go about making the chest piece for the Alice or Queen of heart dress?

Meow Opre said... Best Blogger Tips

I was browsing for really scary, funny, amazing, cool, clever,dyi and unique Halloween costumes and so I found this post. I hope it’s fine with you if I could pin some to my Pinterest boards. Thank you so much and keep on sharing informative posts !

Cuttysark said... Best Blogger Tips

I love all your Halloween Costumes . I hope its ok to pin them to my board. Thanks for sharing and more power to your blog!

Meow Opre said... Best Blogger Tips

Looking for any awesome, scary, funny or weird Halloween Costume Ideas and just in time, I found your blog which is very interesting. Thanks for sharing and I do hope I could pin some nice photos on my Pinterest boards. Good day! :D

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