Makeup 9: Nonpareils & Strawberries

October 10, 2011

So last week I went to the dollar store and cleaned them out of every nail polish color I could find. Surprisingly, the dollar store had a decent selection of colors. Don't get me wrong, I realize there will be a difference in consistency compared to the $7 bottles you can buy at Sally's but I just wanted to jump start my collection on what little I could afford. I did splurge and buy one nail art pen at the drug store and one quick drying opaque brown but I did manage to spend very little for what I got. If you ever decide to build a rainbow of colors overnight like I did I will recommend that the drug store had a surprising amount of decent colors and brands between $1-$2. I kind of wish I would have stopped there first. Que sera. I'm still satisfied with what I bought.

So I went home and painted Lily's nails. I asked if she wanted watermelons or strawberries and this is what she picked. Cute! Huh. I first saw these here. So all I did was first paint them red then added the green stem at top (using a very steady hand, would have been easier to use a nail art pen) and using my white nail art pen for seeds then finished with a top coat. I love picking her up after school to hear about what the other kids said about her finger nails. Fun;)

I also made a new maternity dress with the material I bought from my NYC trip back in the summer. Hopefully I'll get those pics up to show you later. But I did take photos of my finger nails which matched the ice cream plaid material. See top pic! It's sort of a chocolate nonpareil look which I saw here first. I used the opaque brown and white fine pointed nail art pen for the dots. I had to use the head of a straight pin to dip into the nail polish containers to make the other colored dots but if I had a fine pointed nail art pen in every color it would have gone a lot faster (those are about $9 a stick), still think they came out okay. I finished it up with a fast drying top coat and wore them to Brian's sister's bachelorette party last Saturday. I didn't stay for the dancing but did accompany the girls to a nice Italian restaurant in downtown Philly....pre-clubbing. Since being pregnant I've had not one, not two, but three bachelorette parties to attend this year (never asked to attend one prior) which as you might imagine poses some issues (clubbing and pregnancy don't mix;). I guess it's been the year for weddings;) 

PS. Totally uncraft/fashion related.......Did anyone watch the season finale of Breaking Bad last night? Maybe one of the best season finale's evah! Loved every second. Walt has finally crossed over to the dark side. Those last few seconds with the close up of the lilies. Fantastic.

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Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the cute nails! Anddd I've been watching all the seasons of Breaking Bad on Netflix - hope I can catch up before the next season! ;)

Katherine said... Best Blogger Tips

omg your nails look so adorable! They're a lovely shape too - so pretty :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Love your nails, and OMG, the end of Breaking Bad was so good! I kind of wish the series would just end there, because it was such a perfect finale. But of course I'll be glad to watch the next season.


Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

@transientexpression.comI'm excited to see the moment when Hank finds out who Walt really is. And the moment when Jesse finds out what Walt really did to both Jane and Brock. I think those things will definitely happen by the end of the series. That and Walt's cancer will come back and finally overtake him. My thoughts;)

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