Project Runway Rundown: 7 down 10 to go

September 3, 2010

So it was a pretty tame episode compared to last week's drama. Last night the contestants were asked to remake old bridesmaid dresses which is a pretty neat idea. I was psyched. Some of them looked amazing after the redo, some of them not so much. (cough, Valerie, cough).

The winner, was Michael C. And boy was everyone seething. Okay, I don't really understand why everyone really HATES, Michael C. Yeah, that episode where he won for his Brazilian dress was surprising but so what. It did look pretty. So he didn't know how to make a cowl neck off the bat, but last night's dress looked pretty impressive. The sleeves looked totally 80s but I guess that's what's in now and they didn't look easy to make. 

And I don't buy that Michael was telling people at the party not to vote for Ivy. It doesn't fit. If he had I think the cameras would have caught something. I think Ivy might just looking for reason to hate Michael as with everyone else. And ultimately, it looks bad. The only decent person was Casanova who said, "I have no issue with Michael Costello. I respect him as a designer and I think he's very humble". Can you tell I don't like mean people?
I also really liked Gretchen's design and thought it would definitely be in the top three. I will say that there is a certain look to her designs, a uniformity. Is that a bad thing for PR, maybe, they seem to like versatility. She's a big fan of short skirts and tall boots. But I like her stuff.

Mondo's dress was also impressive. The judges were right when they complimented the tailoring. It looked like butta! If you didn't like the dress, you had to admire the tailoring. Takes talent.

I also liked April's dress for once. And was happy for her to finally not be in the bottom three.

I thought Valerie's looked the worst, badly tailored, badly designed. WHAT was she thinking? It looks like something a 5th grader designed in the 80s with the criscrossed strappy back and floppy front. Bleh.
Peach's dress, yes, deserved to be at the bottom. Holly Hobby, oh yeah. Speaking of peplum, hah, we know what that means! But let's hope ours looks a little better. We don't pair ours with another ruffle and a halter top. Michael Kors was right, when he said, "She has the sewing and the tailoring skills, it's the taste level I'm worried about." Her pink sunglass and purse sweater wasn't helping her cause. BUT, I think she's a kind person, not like some of the contestants. I liked her and I was a little sad that she wouldn't be on anymore.

Finally, Michael D.'s dress, not that bad, at least not worse than Valerie's. I wonder what the judges would have thought if he made a more form fitting dress. Might have gone well?

Next week's preview....Heidi: "You're still throwing him under the bus". We all know what that means. 

For this week's episode visit Lifetime! Here's the linky link. 

And stay tuned for the LAST Frock by Friday post later today!

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Sheila said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the recap - haven't had time to watch and your recap keeps me in the loop.

Nancy said... Best Blogger Tips

Valeries dress made the model look like a FOOTBALL player!! YIKES!

I didn't like Michael C's dress as much as Christophers pretty one...

Danielle said... Best Blogger Tips

First of all, thank you for providing this forum for me to voice my opinions about PR. None of my friends watch, so I need a sounding board. I am so in love with Michael C. right now. Not just because of his designs, but because he doesn't deserve such harsh treatment from the other designers. His dress this week was gorgeous. Ivy's look was good too, despite the other crap she's been sending down the runway.But her attitude, ugh! I hope Michael C doesn't let the others' opinions destroy his confidence.

Elz said... Best Blogger Tips

I thought Mondo's was the best redesign. Maybe the judges wanted to use Michael C's win to prove to the contestants that the judges are in charge? If Michael C is a terror/had said nasty things, they would show that. I just think peple have chosen him as a scapegoat for some reason.

But, Gretchen's designs do not appeal top me at all. I think they lack imagination and excitement.

Jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree with everything you said! I wish some of these people would think before they speak and remember that this is more than a competition. How they behave towards other designers might have a bearing in their career one day. It might not, but I wouldn't chance it.

cchrisco said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree that the other designers are attacking Michael C.'s skills unfairly. I didn't mind his dress this episode, except for the sleeves... But, there's something about his personality that bothers me. He comes off as... childish maybe? Like an annoying younger brother. But maybe that's just me. And who knows what is really going on with anything with all the editing I'm sure they do. All we can trust is the clothing.

Clarissa said... Best Blogger Tips

I completely agree!!! I'm glad to see Casanova coming into his own. It seems like he's finally gotten his bearings and is competing.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I discovered your PR recaps a little late in the game but am glad I did. I don't get why everyone hates Michael C. I'm bothered a little that he doesn't stand up for himself, though. I just want to go right through the TV and defend him! And his designs aren't always my favs but he's humble and non-judgemental which counts for alot. Can't wait for next week!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I do enjoy your recaps. I feel bad for Michael C. Is it jealousy rearing its ugly head that everyone dislikes him so? He's not that bad of a designer. Poor Peach, yes, she needed to go. I really wanted her to be better and go the distance cuz I'm a little older than her!!! Mondo's was fantastic and I agree, Michael D.'s wasn't THAT bad! I look forward to what next week brings!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Danielle, I so agree with you....i'm absolutely loving Michael C right now. I find him very genuine. I use the term 'designer' loosely for some of the others....just as Gretchen got I think Ivy also needs dressing down....she declared herself so hot but I'm still waiting to see something of hers scorch the runway! As for Gretchen, all I can say is UUUGGHHHH! Shut up, already! They could all take a page from Michael C and push the envelope...I think its because he's so unsure of his skill that he's so good!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips
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Marianne & Clayton said... Best Blogger Tips

Remember when Ivy announced in the first episode that it was going to be "The Ivy Show"? Yeah- if that doesn't explain it all, I don't know what will. She "collapses" in one episode and suddenly has a huge (one-sided) fued with Michael C. Hello- she is playing by the reality tv playbook. Just look up the chapter: How to get more airtime.

So far she has made nothing that makes me admire her as a designer, and has done a lot that makes me not respect her as a person.

Ana said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't like bullies. I think Michael C is talented and they should repect him a little bit more. They are so rude to him. I think Gretchen is talented, but she is designing what is in right now. I did not like Mondo's dress, but yes very well made.

Kiraph said... Best Blogger Tips

I also really liked April's dress this week. I thought it was simple but had some really 'edgy' details. It I had the figure I would've worn it. I really thought Mondo should probably have won.

Someone mentioned that Tim Gunn has a page on Facebook and is posting vlogs about the shows so I have been watching them and it is really good to hear what he has to say.

I just felt so bad for poor Michael when the other designers were so ungracious! Thank goodness Casanova has some manners! He is really starting to grow on me. I think it started with his getting fat comment from last week.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I loved that after the runway April impressed with Mondo's dress, asked him how he did the tailoring on the top and he thought a second and then said, "I don't know." It totally reminded me of when I was a kid and would ask my dad how to do something difficult and he would say, "very carefully," rather than explain. I may not like everything he turns out but Mondo definitely has skills.

Reneebies said... Best Blogger Tips

I hate that the other contestants rag on Michael C. I'm not a great sewer, but sometimes its more about pulling off a look ya know?
I have to say, I like Gretchen's designs, but they look like a page out of JCrew- Am i right?
I love the internet; no one else wants to talk PR with me!

Katarina said... Best Blogger Tips

I enjoy reading your recaps a lot. And I'm usually on the same page with you. I only have to disagree with Gretchens' design this week, I liked the top though it definitively had issues at the sides of the boob-area but the combination with the skirt didn't work for me. Those two items didn't go togehter in my opinion.
I hve to confess that I look forward to the drama next episode though I do feel bad for Michael C. I hope for the other designers to get shutted up by the judges. I always wonder how they can't be aware how it makes them look on national tv when they say so nasty things. It will follow them. Does anyone not remember Kenley to be the bitch of season 5?

Suzanne said... Best Blogger Tips

when is Mondo going to WIN a challenge already? He is really amazing and fresh. And GO MICHAEL C!

Kim B said... Best Blogger Tips

I completely agree. I also agree with Elz that perhaps the judges were proving a point as to who is in control,and it is not Gretchen.

I think the designers that "hate" Micheal C are very unprofessional! I mean a professional would at least congratulate Micheal on his win. Instead they all looked like a bunch of jealous, high school Mean Girls. Ugh. I would think that this could ultimately affect them professionally after the show, because what fashion house would hire them to design for them?

Kim B said... Best Blogger Tips

I completely agree. I also agree with Elz that perhaps the judges were proving a point as to who is in control,and it is not Gretchen.

I think the designers that "hate" Micheal C are very unprofessional! I mean a professional would at least congratulate Micheal on his win. Instead they all looked like a bunch of jealous, high school Mean Girls. Ugh. I would think that this could ultimately affect them professionally after the show, because what fashion house would hire them to design for them?

Elizabeth said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree with your re-caps, and I couldn't believe they were being so mean to Michael C. I don't buy that he was bad mouthing Ivy either!! He doesn't even seem the type to do that.
I loved Peache's personality a lot, but she was destined to leave unfortunately.

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my...I finally caught up. I am so hurt for Michael C. I don't understand why they are so evil to him. and what exactly has he done that Ivy would say because of his character she did not believe him/accept his apology?! I liked his dress - I thought he did a nice job.

I do have to say I did not like Cassanova in the beginning, but he is really growing on me. He seems to have come into his own in the last couple of challenges and found his groove.

I do think that Ivy and Gretchen do have talent...but I do not want to see them move on simply because they both need to grow up!!

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