Project Runway Rundown: 6 Down 11 to Go

August 27, 2010

Three words. Tim Gunn's Speech. Wow. There are few times when I see Tim Gunn make a speech. Especially one that focuses on one individual. I was a little surprised that he really came down on Gretchen. I thought he was going to say something about how he disagreed with the judges but he just came down on her.

And I have to admit, even I felt a little bad for her in the end. NOT, that she didn't deserve it. NOT that she didn't need some humble pie. But I thought she was sincerely "hurt" when they showed her in the end, all disheveled.

How satisfying was it to see her back pedal and break down? Well, not really. I usually don't like to see anyone break down. And honestly, Gretchen isn't a mean person, just a egotistical one who's clueless about her own arrogance.

That being said, I think this episode could be good for Gretchen in the long run. Her biggest downfall was her ego. Now that that has been significantly knocked down a few notches perhaps we can come to like her designs again.

And why did she think it was a good idea to tell the judges that they should choose who goes home based on 'past work'. That didn't sound self serving. But I liked when Michael Kors said "That's not how it works. It's not about past history. That's not what we're looking at today." I thought, yeah, who are you to tell the judges they shouldn't base their opinion about who goes home on tonight's performance. Isn't that what each challenge is all about?

But I had to agree with Gretchen when she said, "I feel like your asking for a martyr." That sucks. I hate when the judges make the contestants do that. It's all for drama sake, you know.

And who felt kinda bad for Michael C? The funny thing is, this time around, I thought his pieces were the most flattering of the collection. In fact I really liked Michael's open back blouse and Christopher's pants. And NO, I don't think they chose Michael because he had immunity. I think they definitely would have chosen him regardless, judging from their irritation about last challenge and his difficulty with the cowl neck.

Finally, Casanova. I was glad he won too. When Tim Gunn came in and criticized him....again....I felt bad for him, despite his annoying accent. I actually liked his design the best as well. The back looked pretty cool. This episode was really about breaking everyone down, right?

Ultimately, I think it's for the best. I'll be very interested to see how Gretchen handles herself post Team challenge. 


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Nancy said... Best Blogger Tips


I loved the speech...but like you was surprised at Tim's tone..

Kellie said... Best Blogger Tips

i agree, it'll be interesting to see how gretchen responds! i really liked michael's open back blouse! i thought the winning teams 'collection' was far and away the better one. i don't understand how team lux thought their's was so amazing and they were sure they were going to win. maybe they were looking at the people on the other team rather than the clothes that team was creating? i was really happy for cassanova and valerie is still my favorite contestant.

Design Lab 443 said... Best Blogger Tips

You go Tim!!!

I think he was right on the money. It was a juicy episode that's for sure! ; )

I love Cassanova's top, it is just lovely!

Jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

My thoughts...
1. There were some good pieces with the Luxe team, but overall it was ho-hum and boring. I liked the open back blouse, and the pants and blazers were spot on perfect.
2. I adored the lace team! The back on Casanova's top was almost identical to my wedding dress but obviously not that color (getting married next summer). I guess I was a little biased there!
3. Michael C's top was great! I would love to own it! I felt so bad for him. I think he lacks some sewing knowledge, but makes up for it in design aethestic.
4. I think Ivy needs to go home now! Her outfit was awful! So unflattering! I think that she has produced nothing but boring garments and I am tired of her.
5. Gretchen needed that talking to. I felt really bad for her, but oh my goodness I was glad that Tim said that! She was being a bully! I don't think she even realizes it either. I think she thinks that everyone wants to hear her opinion and looks up to her. I hope this fixes that!

drea_dear said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm agreeing with everything. I wonder how often Tim has to bite his tongue, and conversely how often they edit it out. We've seen more of Tim's personality this season (woolly balls, anyone?), and normally we only see him emotionally invested and sad when people leave. I liked seeing a little "fire" from him.

Casanova - OMG DIVA! But before his meltdown, the back was already gorgeous. I love that it mimicked the trim on Peach's top - Team Luxe was just arrogance and sour grapes, there was more than "just lace" pulling Team Lace together. All the details matched. The individual designers all kept their voice, but they were true to the inspiration and thoughtful of how each of their looks would work with the rest of the team.


cchrisco said... Best Blogger Tips

Man, I don't know how anyone on that show puts up with Gretchen... But hopefully that little slap in the face will bring her back to reality a little. I liked her the first episode... I did not like team luxe's designs at all. They were so frumpy! But I can understand how they wouldn't see it while they were in it. Without having time to distance yourself from your creations and then go back with a fresh editorial eye, you miss a lot.

Laura said... Best Blogger Tips

this comment is going to come in two parts:

1. I'm watching the judging right now (I don't have cable), and I feel as if my blood pressure is rising just watching this losing team try to politicize the judges. No one gave them magic fairy dust to haphazardly sprinkle upon any ill-opinion coming their way. Aggravating.

2. Ok, all done. While I don't quite like how they made these guys say who was the worst designer (and yes, it was clear that it was Michael C. regarding the team, not individually), they had to, HAD to see that coming. In fact - they DID! They decided to stick together as a team before they went in, and it was quite clear that at least one of them didn't want to be "all for one, one for all" in this situation.

Of course the judges are going to ask for a martyr. It happens every team challenge! But the fact of the matter is that they did cast a martyr - Michael did seem to require the most help, but his designs were not the worst up there.

I truly think that Ivy's outfit + Gretchen's myriad of mis-designs were the most frustrating parts of this collection. E.J. did make a bad shirt dress, it's true, but I think it could be reasonable to think that making a half-dozen or more bad things is far worse than making one bad piece.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Hooray to Tim Gunn for telling it like it is! He was so right about that whole team just bowing down to the mighty Gretchen and not putting anything of themselves in their designs. I can't wait to see what next week brings!!

Cas... said... Best Blogger Tips

I loved this episode! It was fantastic!

I agree with your posting!

I felt so sorry for Michael! He was so hurt and sad by what they said about him. Next weeks episode is going to be a doosie! I can't wait!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I was starting to get annoyed with Cassanova's meltdown until he said, "I'm even starting to get fat." I just started laughing hysterically. So funny!

Patty B. said... Best Blogger Tips

Team Luxe - how on earth was anyone supposed to judge individual designs when each model wore a mish-mash of different disigners' work. I couldn't believe it when Gretchen showed the judges what she created and prodeeded down the row of models--"I made this and I made this and I made this." And the judges were right, proportions were wrong on everything. Michael C's blouse looked good from the back, but the front didn't fit right.

And WHAT a backpeddle. They went from We love it, it should have won, to It sucked, in a matter of minutes. At what point during the judging did Gretchen decide to agree with the judges and say "Yes, it sucked"? Then suddenly the entire team agrees with her? Then she blames everyone else? She didn't have time to work because she was forced to help everyone else on the team? I wish they would have sent her home. She was mainly responsible for the mess. A.J., yes he made a mess too, but I felt sorry for him. He's the only one who didn't try to blame the mess on someone else.

I agree with the judges' pick of Cassanova and I loved Peach's dress too.

Marie said... Best Blogger Tips

I think that this episode of Project Runway should be standard viewing for ANY leadership or workplace collaboration workshop. Team Luxe showed a classic implosion of a team doing "design by committee." There are two main problems with committee design:

1. Since no one is looking at each product individually, the big problems get lost in the focus on the details. The horrible proportions of each outfit and the boringness of the whole collection were testament to that.

2. Since there is no individual responsibility, when a problem is discovered there's no good way to go about correcting it. Revision by committee is about efficient and effective as decision by committee. In the end all that happens is a witch hunt for who's fault it was (when it's everyone's) and the inability to ever work together again.

Anyway, that's my two cents. When Team Luxe started their brainstorming I knew the whole thing was going down the toilet before having to look at a single outfit. Ownership in design and work is paramount to making things work.

However, design by committee does make for some fantastic drama.

Mommy Moxie said... Best Blogger Tips

When Gretchen would not shut the heck up, I even tweeted about it because it was downright infuriating! I loved that Tim came in and called her out in front of everyone, she certainly needed the reality check that her poo does stink.

As for the collections, Luxe was certainly inferior. Cassanova's outfit was divine and Peach's top was gorgeous. I thought they pulled everything together nicely.

So is it Thursday yet?!? I can't wait for next week!

laurie -magpie ethel said... Best Blogger Tips

You just wanted Gretchen to quit talking when they were in front of the judges...she kept digging a deeper and deeper hole...I am glad Tim gave her the little speech...she was so unaware of how annoying she was. Was a good episode and glad the underdogs won!

Rasmussen Family said... Best Blogger Tips

I liked Mondo's shorts with the slant pockets...he always has intricate details that may be overlooked because of his unique style. I think that his styling was key to the team's success and he is going to be one of the quiet, consistent designers.
Casanova drives me CRAZY! I totally want to wear those pants though...LOVED THEM:)
Although I agree with the judges that AJ went home, I seriously think Ivy's time is up. She thinks she knows everything, but never performs well and always tries to side with Gretchen.
I knew the judges wouldn't send Gretchen home, but it will be interesting to see what happens next...

Elz said... Best Blogger Tips

Tim's speech was awesome! It was just as much an indictment of the rest of the team as it was of gRETCHen. He questioned why they let her manipulate them. Which, is a fair question in what is supposed to be a design competition. If you don't represent your sense of design, why stay in the competition?

She deserved everything he said, they deserved it, in fact everyone deserved much more.

*Kelly* said... Best Blogger Tips

All I wanted to do was tell Gretchen to SHUT UP for 5 seconds. I was so sick of her voice. You knew they weren't going to kick her off but come one wouldn't that have been great for her ego!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Way to go Tim. You rock! Any I thought that Gretchen was the one to go home, Since she designed practically everything and then told everyone what they were doing. Then she preceeded to pick out all of the ugly fabrics. She had her hands in EVERYTHING! Then she made sure to make the most peices in the ugly collection so she could use that in the end to hopefully win the competition. But instead it was a bomb, so she starts backpedaling. She convinced her group stick stick together and then turns on them in the end. If that wasn't bad enough she attacks Michael and throws him under the bus. Now if Michael was allowed to make him own clothing that he designed, he wouldn't have need the help with how to sew an item he didn't design. The whole problem was that each designer didn't get a voice in their design for the collection. Which is unfortunate for AJ (though I'm not a fan of his), because he ended up making something so far from his asthetic and totally lost himself in the project. Gretchen should have gone.

Melinda said... Best Blogger Tips

You know what though? I don't think Gretchen even got it at all! She was just "sniff sniff...really hurt...sniff." She's ridiculous.
Also the crying from Team Luxe when they first came out made me want to laugh in their face, it was just silly. The back peddling was just dumb, they should've just shut up and let the judges decide. Sheesh.

Charlotte said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh. My. Goodness.

My husband replayed Tim Gunn's speech 4 times, and we sat jaw-dropped watching all four times, not being able to believe what was happening. Tim Gunn always is so cute and even-keeled, we were absolutely baffled by that stern tone of his.

Gretchen was hurt, but I think there is going to come a time when she watches these episodes on television later and realizes that she truly was being manipulative, and Tim was just trying to make her realize it. She has no sense of self-awareness and is letting the thrill of doing so well in the first few challenges take over her sense of human decency. But during the judging it all seemed to occur to her, watching the car crash of her trying to talk her way out of taking responsibility for the whole collection (which DID have SOME great pieces!) was like watching a four year old who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

But what a totally juicy episode! and I find Cassanova to be so endearing. I LOVE his accent! Yet, I foresee him going home long before Gretchen, because so far, he hasn't proven himself to be the best designer in the bunch. But he will probably stick around a little, this is the kind of show would would keep around a bad designer for the sake of keeping the ratings up ("are they finally going to send Cassanova home this week?!?")

Oh, yes. And the military/lace team was just more creative. Good for them. I like the whole lot of them. :)

Sandy said... Best Blogger Tips

1. Did you see Cassanova's pointy little shoes??? OMG
2. Ivy is getting on my nerves even more than Gretchen... think it is about time she goes home.
3. I really like Valerie... I like what she has made so far and she doesn't have an "in your face" personality like Gretchen.
4. Sooooo happy Peach made such a cute outfit... I really liked the top she made.
5. It was probably AJ's time to go, too bad it was, as he said, not for something he actually designed.
6. Why oh why didn't more of the team members of Team Luxe stand up to Gretchen... maybe they will figure out now that you don't wanna be riding' that gravy train.

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm still catching up with the show (in the middle of last nights episode!!)

I have not really been too fond of Cassanova up until now, but seeing his work in this episode, and his breakdown I really started to feel for him - and I LOVE his look for this show.

Now....i can't wait until I get to Tim's speech!

EMichelle said... Best Blogger Tips

I had to avoid your site all day to not get the PR spoiler! haha, it was a good episode this week. Hopefully Gretchen will get off of her high horse...

{ erin } said... Best Blogger Tips

I literally covered my eyes and groaned during team luxe's back pedal. And it wasn't just Gretchen who did it... several of them did! She was just the most vocal about it.

I LOVED Michael's open back blouse, it's something I (wish) would wear. And I LOVED Cassanova and Peach's blouses as well. I thought that they looked gorgeous and totally wearable!!!

They need to lay off criticizing each other. They are all CONTESTANTS. Which means that none of them are in the judge's seat. Just keep your head down and do your own best work. Right?

Jenna said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVED Tim's speech. I don't think she would have taken the advice seriously if it came from anyone else. She has been annoying everyone the whole time because she is a "know it all."

LOVE Tim, "Make it work."

Kim said... Best Blogger Tips

Tim was spot on!

I thought it was funny how team luxe's approach was all about the tailoring and yet each piece was ill fitting with the exception of micheal's draped open back top and whoever did the "cigarette pants." everything else looked like it came from grandma's closet. I am sad that AJ went after showing so much integrity and refusing to throw anyone under the bus and Ivy (who was just plain mean) has missed the noose one to many times.

I am happy for team underdog! Way to go :)

Hermione J. Schwartz said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree with a lot that has been said.

Tim Gunn's speech was perfect. Gretchen was allowed to manipulate her teammates. They are all adults and could have/should have spoke up if they dissagreed with what she was saying and doing. Not that they needed to start an arguement, but at least a discussion *before* the collection was finished.

Also, it was really unfortunate that the team (especially AJ) didn't start their initial designs with a little bit of everyone's style. Andy and AJ are little funky but every piece was blah and tailored. Even little pops of flash would have helped. And I think Tim mentioned something about the collection being boring during his mid-challenge consultation.

iheartdesign said... Best Blogger Tips

I was thinking the same thing! Big Guns, Tim Gunn!
I really should watch again- on demand- since my P.R. was in hostile take over by football :)

I like Tim's focus on the individual, by addressing the whole team of designers, His address to the team was way more effective than telling Gretchen to back off. I don't think it was his intention to make her feel stupid as it was to make the other designers feel stupid for following Gretch off a cliff. I felt even worse for immunity Michael.
Well I cant wait to see how the dynamic shifts. I have a feeling that Gretchen is going to be treated like the ugly stepsister. I just want someone, anyone to make something that is so freakn' cool, i can hardly believe it. I haven't seen that yet. 3 days to wait!

Suzanne said... Best Blogger Tips

this was my fav episode of the season so far! I had already begun to hate Gretchen 3 weeks ago when everytime she was on camera she had to call other people's work "student work." I DOUBT that Michael C "can't sew" as they are saying. how'd he get on PROJECT RUNWAY if he can't sew?? Hmmm? They were all so jealous of him last week, that's what it was. I do feel bad for him. AJ I think is a good designer, but that dress really was aweful, so he made himself the target there.

Laurel said... Best Blogger Tips

wow - just finished the episode, and was DYING for tim gunn to lay down the law... too bad it took till the end of the episode - wonder how the collection would have been different if he'd said something half way through.

i think michael c should have stood up for himself a bit - but respect that he kept his mouth shut on the runway. that team was doing waaay too much talking.

thought casanova's meltdown was annoying until the "i'm getting fat" moment as well, and then i just cracked up and started seeing him as endearing instead of emotionally manipulative. i did like that when team lace came back from the runway, he downplayed his win and said it was a team thing. nice move.

those palazzo pants from team luxe was about all i'd wear, but they were gorgeous.

Cuscini said... Best Blogger Tips

I've been following this debate at other sources, and am rather dismayed to find that Gretchen has not, in fact, learned anything from this incident. It's clear from what she says in her blog that she has no remorse about her behavior.

I am seeing a lot of this behavior in Gretchen's generation. There seems to be a lack of civility and little understanding of grace and manners. It's funny -- I'm a Catholic northerner from a first-generation Italian family, but throughout my life, I've modeled myself on Melanie Wilkes in Gone with the Wind. I ask myself, "What would Miss Melanie do?" Miss Melanie would not have stooped to Gretchen's behavior.

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