Frock by Friday: Alexander Dress

August 26, 2010

Here is the new button. Feel free to link to the Frock by Friday to get more fun people involved! To grab the button just highlight it, copy and paste into a new post.

Also, when you are printing the McCalls Dress Pattern, only print pages 34-36; 39-41; 44-46; 49-51; and 54-56 so as not to waste paper.

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Laurwyn said... Best Blogger Tips

I am completely in with this one too! I plan on trying to make something that looks like the dresses Victoria Beckham had in her collection last year. Hoping it'll fit my wobbly bits!
Also, like when I was 16, I went along an award giving thing. I chose your blog as one of my five favorites.You don't have to do it too, but I just felt like telling the blog world how much I appreciate your work.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said... Best Blogger Tips

Cute and what a neat idea!

...just trying to get some blog reading in... I also noticed that you have the ad for AthleanX (my hubby has been doing this). And I also noticed the TOMS neat! Our son hosted a TOMS event at his college and our daughter actually has mutual frineds with the founder of TOMS, so they had hung out when TOMS was in the beginning stages.

Blessings& Aloha!

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