Flickr Favs....and some whining

July 6, 2010

Gosh it has been hard to find time to blog with three little ones. I've been working on a dress and what used to take a day now takes a week. Part of it is because I've become more concerned with details which is ultimately a good thing but I'm also busy with feeding, lunches and naps....for Molly, not me:( And Brian has been working hellacious hours which cuts our photo shoots to the weekends.

But enough of the wah wah wah....I have some great pics for you! There's too many for me to put up all at once so I'll try to do so throughout the week.
You all have been busy! I'm always impressed by the creativity of my readers. When I first started sewing, the internet was just starting to take flight. When you don't have a blog and you're isolated by location you tend to think you're the only one who likes to sew. Now, I find myself engrossed with all the people and blogs who share my interest. It's amazing.

I love The Sew Convert's romper above. It started out as a dress but turned into a romper. The pink and blue is a great combination. And Sweetie Pie Bakery who said she loved the 'Oh Dear' frock made a fabulous similar one to wear for a housewarming party. Oh and BTW, parties are the perfect reasons to make your own frocks. Not only do they look amazing but they are great conversation starters:)  
And aren't these toddlers the SWEETEST! The pompom and rickrack detail in the blue skirt by Ohsohappytogether is simply whimsical. And I love the petal tutu frock by Refugee Crafter. I made a similar one in just a skirt version (one of the first posts I ever wrote) and gave some advice if you too think you'd like to try one.
And more fabulous frock by fridays! Blue frock by Green Apples. Pink floral frock by bellywomen. Great for this heat wave weather. It's in the 100s here in PA. Thank god for central air! I remember 1990, living in my mother's home, sleeping in just my underware, coverless with only a 10" oscillating fan and spray bottle to keep me sane. How did we ever survive?

Look for a great giveaway tomorrow! I promise you'll love it as much as I do.

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crafterhours said... Best Blogger Tips

They're all gorgeous!
Just 1 note: that tutu is by Jessica of Happy Together, not Samster Mommy. She made the tutu for a charity event Samster Mommy is sponsoring and did a tutorial for it on Samster's blog, hence the confusion.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh I just LOVE the petal tutu! I'm still finishing my tara frock. Hopefully I can post it to the flickr soon! :)

Pure Ella said... Best Blogger Tips

Your work is such an inspiration.
I am just a beginner and hope to do more.
Here is what I started with ;)

Tam said... Best Blogger Tips

Kathleen, I have a question for you! If I was to make the Tara dress for a maternity dress, what alterations should I make to allow room for a growing tummy, and to prevent the front hem from being way higher than the back?

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi! I'm "bellywoman". Thanks for posting my Frock by Friday! I noticed that the link from my name was broken. My actual web address is:, if you want to link to that instead of to my flickr.

priti said... Best Blogger Tips

i am going & making the petal tutu RIGHT now

Julie said... Best Blogger Tips

You mean I'm not the only one who survived an a/c free home in the 90's by sleeping in my undies and using a spray bottle and fan to keep cool? HA HA!! You brought back some memories there my dear!

And WOW, I LOVE looking at the clothes other women are making out there. I REALLY need to get my machine out and sew something for myself (which I have NEVER done in my 7 years of sewing, BTW) *sigh*

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