Reorganized Top Bar

August 6, 2009

Though it's not too obvious I've reorganized my top bar. I wanted to let readers know because the links under the header are now for you to use. Particularly the "Refer A Giveaway" link and "Outside Giveaways" link.

I would like readers to come to Grosgrain for giveaways all over the blogosphere.

If you know of a crafty giveaway on another blog please let Grosgrain know via the "Refer A Giveaway" link and it will be posted on the "Outside Giveaways" link. For now the "Outside Giveaways" link will be under the header and on the sidebar under "Followers" but I might change this eventually if I rearrange my page.

Also added is the "Host A Giveaway" link. If you have a product that you would like to be featured on Grosgrain's front page please click
on that link for all of the "how to" details.

If you would like to become a Grosgrain Sponsor that link is also under the header.
The Winners, Q&A, About Me, Sites I Love, Tutorials and TumTum Tree links are now located above the header in black. Photo via flickr user iheartlinen.

5 {comments}:

Monica said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh that is soooo cute! I would love to win it!

marie said... Best Blogger Tips

What a sweet pin cushion! What is it made out of?
I'm glad that you're posting again - I love to visit.

The green little girl's dress is so lovely ~ I think I need to go and enter that giveaway. I have two granddaughters who can take turns growing into it!

Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your blog! I missed you while you were gone... I made a link to your site from mine, I love the baby snuggler, and have a laundry list of people I could make it for! and the pin cushion...too cute!

lrmart said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this pincushion is there any info on how it's made?

Toddler Language Development said... Best Blogger Tips

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