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May 18, 2009

In my living room I have a formidable pile of stuffed animals. I don't exactly know what to do with them. Most of them are gifts from from family so I can't bring myself to pack them away.

If more of the stuffed animals and rattles looked like the ones made by Leah of Vintage Chenille I would be delighted to display them in my daughter's room.

Leah uses soft Chenille fabric so that your special little toy will be easily snuggled with and loved.

She also creates vintage patchwork quilts that compliment any color scheme of your baby's room.

Also check out her vintage fabric covered notions. PERFECT for your vintage patterns.

This gorgeous raggy quilt was handmade with 6.5 inch squares of green and yellow vintage chenille and a thick cotton Japanese mushroom and floral print fabric. It is very warm, bright, soft and fluffy and would make a precious keepsake for any baby boy or girl. There is no batting, it is backed with a soft, thick new orange flannelette. This quilt has been machine washed and finished in the clothes dryer to begin the "ragging" process. Finishing in the clothes dryer always makes chenille extra soft and fluffy.

Leah can custom make these quilts for you in most colours and sizes, the above quilt measures 34" square, which is the perfect size for pram, bassinet or new baby.

Leah is from a small country town in Victoria Australia. Earlier this year they were blessed with a baby girl after 3 boys.

She has loved to create for as long as I she can remember, so naturally, she wanted to sew EVERYTHING for her new daughter!

She discovered the craft of patchwork using vintage chenille and began collecting vintage chenille to make her baby girl a quilt and now she just can't stop!!

Her collection of old bedspreads is beginning to take over their home, her children love them all and so do she. So many of them have a story behind them, which makes them even more special.

She's always on the look out for another, so if you know of any for sale you could let her know! Most importantly, let her know if you would like her to create something especially for you, 99% of her creations are unique because of the character of the vintage fabric.

You are welcome to visit her new blog: Handmade Bits & Pieces.

5 {comments}:

Trudy said... Best Blogger Tips

I love them all.

Di said... Best Blogger Tips

I love them all too - particularly the carrot!! I have a little carrot made from remnants of a wooly jumper but this one is really special!

Serena said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh! Love that elephant! The colors on ALL of them are absolutely wonderful!!!!!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said... Best Blogger Tips

these chenille lovelies remind me of my childhood and my grandma. Thank you for that.

After a tough day, I needed to see these.

koralee said... Best Blogger Tips

oh ...i love your work...just found your blog and so glad i did!!

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