Honeycomb Ombre Hexagon Accent Wall

September 25, 2019

Last fall I worked on a honeycomb ombre hexagon accent wall with a friend and never got around to posting the pics. We used this tutorial from Thistlewood Farms to do it! Definitely took a little math and planning but anyone can pull it off with a little patience
 I'll just give you a quick run down of how we did ours below. But I highly recommend checking out Karianne's tutorial at her blog Thistlewood Farms for all the in depth deets.

 We made a template and marked in pencil where the points were.
 Then taped it off with frog tape.
 Then started making rows.
 Then wrote which colors we wanted to put in each hexagon with the blue painters tape.
 Painted in the hexagons with the corresponding colors.
 Pulled off the tape.
 There were a few places where the paint didn't exactly look awesome. So we taped off the inside of the hexagon....
 ....and filled in the white portion.

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