Christmas Stockings with Handmade Nametags

December 14, 2017

Finally got around to making Christmas stockings for everyone this year. It's so tedious and almost not even worth it but at $10 a stocking retail I definitely saved some money by making them myself. The material for these only cost $25!
Walmart has some great buffalo check fabric this season. Here's some red fleece for only $4.84 a yard! I made a few pillows with it. One is pictured at the bottom. The stockings were made with flannel black and white buffalo check fabric also purchased in the store at Walmart but I can't find it online.
I made the name tags from an unused firewood log. Initially I was going to buy 2.5"-3" wood slices but it was absolutely free to cut my own with my circular saw. To draw the names I printed them out with Magnolia Sky font then chalked the back of the paper and traced them onto wood slices. I then outlined the temporary chalk tracing with permanent white opaque marker. The tags are handy because if we ever change the stockings another year we can reuse the name tags. If you don't have a circular saw you can buy cheap wood slices on Amazon here!

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