Cactus Stones Kids Craft

August 23, 2016

Out of the blue Lily made these cute little cactus stones. She was bored last Sunday and found this cute little craft on Pinterest. The best part about this project was that we had all the supplies on hand. Just paint, river rocks from our yard and a small pot. DONE! The other nice part was that it was simple enough that she could do it on her own while I did chores. She did these all by herself! And I think they came out super adorable!
To make just gather some flat river rocks, paint them various shades of green using green paint mixed with various amounts of white, then decorate with white paint. We used white paint pens which work well for smaller details. Fill a pot with small pebbles until nearly full. Add your stone cacti. Then fill in with more small pebbles to hold cacti in place. Place on your desk and admire;-)
Might also make a cute homemade gift from a kid to a grandparent or parent!

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