Starburst Lips Valentines

February 11, 2016

Remember those wax lips we had as kids? They might as well have been made out of plastic. At least they would have lasted longer. Inevitably you'd try to chew them and get no fulfillment out of that attempt. Why not make EDIBLE candy lips?
For the kids Valentine's this year I made Starburst candy lips which are totally edible! And they were SO EASY! Takes about 5 minutes for a set of two lips. If you have a mold with multiple lips it can go even faster. BTW! This could also work with bubble gum, something thick like Bubblicious, Hubba Bubba or Bubble Yum.
First buy Starburst FaveREDS. They have the perfect mix of lips colors and look really cool when you have a whole bunch of lips grouped together.
Then buy a silicone lip mold. I bought this one off Amazon. It was a good price but it only has two lips in it. If you wanted to make a lot of these a mold with more lips might work better. This one looks good and it's only $1.50 more than the one I bought. I made 50 of these lips with just the little mold I used but it did take about 3 hours from start to finish. Plus the mold I used was a little on the small side. It worked for the kids but if you want ridiculously large lips the other mold I recommended would work better.

First, take a few Starburst pieces and put them on a plastic microwave safe plate. The mold I used took two Starburst pieces per lip.
Set the microwave for only 17 seconds. This is important. You SHOULD NOT melt the Starburst. Just soften it. Melting it may be tempting but it will only leave you with an icky sticky mess. Plus it changes the property of the candy so when it rehardens it won't become soft again. It will basically be a lip shaped lollipop.
When you get it out of the microwave smush it into the mold. If it's too sticky it will be too hot to touch with your fingers so that's another reason why it should just be soft. Really push it down in with your thumb.
Then take another Starburst and stick it in the center. This will be so that you can hold the lips between your front teeth.
Then place in the freezer for 2:30 minutes. If you use a mold that requires more than two Starburst per lips you might have to wait slightly longer. Just don't leave them in the freezer too long or else they'll sweat when you take them out. They should be hard but not freezing.
 Now take them out of the mold. They should have taken the shape of the mold.
Here's what they look like in a pile. The FaveREDS really are perfect for this project.
If you're making Valentines here's the printable I used to make the cards. I added a dotted box in the printable I made for you.
To add the lips I just cut a starburst shaped rectangle in the paper. It's better to make the hole slightly smaller than the Starburst. It helps to keep the lips from falling out of the paper.
 Then stuck the lips through the hole.
I then slipped the card in a clear plastic treat bag. You can buy the ones I used on Amazon here. They fit the cards perfectly.

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