DIY Giant Pompom Tree Skirt

November 26, 2015

Our old 9' Christmas Tree just didn't really fit in our new space. I might have been able to rearrange some furniture but it would have blocked the main windows in our living room which we need for sunlight. So this year I decided to get a pencil tree instead which required NO rearranging of furniture whatsoever.
Unfortunately our old tree skirt just overwhelmed our new skinnier tree. So I made this cute over sized pompom tree skirt out of materials I already had lying around my craft closet. Just white yarn and burlap.
I made the giant pompoms the same way you would using a fork only instead of a fork I used a spatula and I wrapped the yarn 250 times around the spatula for each pompom. I used one Super Saver Jumbo Yarn bundle in white for all the pompoms. That's the jumbo one, not the regular one. It's 744 yards worth of yarn.
 Turned out to be just the right size for our little tree!

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