Be Confident While Going Commando With My Little Secret

May 17, 2015

Maybe it's not discussed between polite parties but if you work out at the gym it's bound to come up. Do you or do you not #GoCommando? I'm sorry if I'm trampling on some delicate sensiblities here but if I'm totally honest, yeah, there have been times when I've gone commando at the gym. It hasn't been something I've shared with everyone (until now) but sometimes it was just unavoidable.
I know you've been there. You're class starts in 20 minutes, you're left with less than desirable choices in undergarments, you don't want to wear loose fitting shorts that will show any (you know what). Your options are pantyline city or deserted ghost town. Enter Cottonelle® clean wipes!

I was able to try out a box and was impressed at the clean feeling they provided. Especially compared with other flushable bathroom wipes I've used in the past. The difference was in their CleanRipple® texture. I had more confidence going panty-free than I had before.
Plus, you don't have to worry about putting them in the bathroom trash where everyone can see. With their SafeFlush technology that immediately breaks down the tissue when flushed you can discreetly dispose of them when you're done.

When combined with Cottonelle's® Clean Care Toilet Paper which has a tugglable and huggable method of cleaning you can get the best clean for those #GoCommando moments.
Have I peaked your curiosity? If you want to try the CleanRipple® technology for yourself just click on any of the links above and tell a friend to #GoCommando to receive a FREE sample for yourself. The free sample quantity is limited, and will be replaced with a coupon once the samples are no longer available.

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Ever thought of wearing a g-string (thong)?

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