The Look for Less: The Elusive Jenny Lind

January 9, 2015

Is everyone still ga-ga for jenny lind beds? Land of Nod always has what you're looking for but I'm not exactly cool with the price point. Walmart was selling a pretty inexpensive Jenny Lind bed which has since sold out for $269. A bit easier to swallow than Land of Nod's $509 price tag. But I had been looking for a toddler sized bed anyway. I saw Dream on Me had sold one a few years ago on Amazon for only $125 which had since disappeared from all online existence. Imagine my excitement when I checked Walmart's website and found brand new Dream on Me Jenny Lind toddler beds in mulitple colors
Now, I beT you can opt to not include the side rails maybe even the middle support leg. I'd have to see it in person to know for sure but I think I might get two of these in either gray or aqua for the new bedroom I'm planning to make for Eloise and Henri.

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