Simply Shift Free Pattern: Dressy Frock in Sandstone & Lace

November 26, 2014

Newest variation on the Simply Shift Free Pattern! I used lace fabric from Hancock Fabrics and a burnt orange lining that reminded me of the color of sandstone.
Again, this dress took me an hour and 30 minutes to sew after the fabric had been cut.

Paired with these burnt orange tights it makes a great comfy YET dressy outfit. In fact, I have to say that ALL of the dresses I've made with the Simply Shift Free Pattern are comfortable regardless of material used.
One more thing! I haven't sewn a zipper into these dresses since the knit version. My head was small enough to fit through the opening though just barely. If you're worried that the opening might be too small for your head and you still don't want to sew in a zipper you could opt for a single button at the middle seam neckline in the back of the dress and a slit down the back a few inches long.

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Angela said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm glad you are sewing again. :)

zain said... Best Blogger Tips

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