Place Wedding in Kauai Part II: GoProing Our Way Through Kauai

July 16, 2014

The day before we left for our Kauai Wedding/Vaycay it was my 36th birthday. As a gift Brian bought me a handy little GoPro. See it on my head in the above photo;-) Let me just say it turned out to be a tool that became second in necessity only to my wedding dress. I got shots of all the excursions we went on. Then on the 14 hour ride back home I worked on editing the videos.
Some people relax at the beach resort on their Hawaii vaycay. I think I actually lost weight on our Hawaii vaycay. We hiked 8-miles roundtrip on the Kalalau trail to Hanakapaiai Beach and then onto Hanakapaiai Falls. And it wasn't an easy 8 miles. It was all uphill, downhill, through raging streams, trampsing through slippery mud and scaling wet rocks. Check it out below. I was totally wiped by the end but it was definitely worth it! Wouldn't trade it for mixed drinks at the pool.....ever.
Whenever we would pass another couple with a GoPro they would smile and shout "GOPRO"! Then fist bump the air. I was feeling like a part of this cool little club sharing this solidarity while being amazing and ambitious.

We also kayaked the Wailua River to Secret Falls. Also quite muddy and adventurous. My GoPro died right before we made it to the falls (my fault because I didn't charge it the night before). I had just enough battery to get a few seconds of the falls and that was it. I used my camera phone on the way back to get a shot of me finding a rope swing along the river and jumping off.
Stay tuned for more photos and videos of our amazing wedding/vaycay.

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