Door Decor! Ditch That Old Wreath!

May 8, 2014

Check out the amazing door decor Stories of A to Z has to offer. Can you believe these are FAUX succulents?! Wouldn't you be so impressed if you walked up to knock on someone's door and saw this instead of a plain old wreath?! Get Beth's how-to in her post. It does involve a table saw but if you don't own one I think the same could be done with a hand saw since the wood is so thin. You might not get as good of an edge as she did though. Or you could just invest in a jigsaw which every DIYer should own anyway. Here's one on Amazon for only $15! It's prime so no shipping fee! Another option is buying a mini table saw. Here's one on Amazon for $47.48 that includes shipping. If you wanted a quality table saw here's a reconditioned Ryobi on for $121 on Amazon with shipping included.

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Juanita Ramirez said... Best Blogger Tips

you know, hobby lobby has these large metal letters that could be used instead of making the letter.
this week the metal decor is 50% off. or use the weekly coupon.

Cant wait to try this!

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