Interlocking Faux Wood Puzzle Mats!!

April 29, 2014

I've had glamping on the brain again lately. It started with kayaking which then got me thinking about camping which then got me thinking about glamping. Specifically, ways to improve upon my ideas from last year. See my first glamping experience here. Last year I used remnant faux wood vinyl rolls. These would have worked better if I had been able to get one consecutive piece that was 20'x10' (the size of my tent floor). But it wouldn't have fit it in my minivan when rolled. So I had to split it into two pieces which left this ugly seam down the tent floor and just didn't look good. 
Then I came upon these! Faux wood foam mats! Like the kind you connect for kids and gyms only FAUX WOOD! I think these would make PERFECT tent floors and you could break the pieces up to fit in your car or roof rack. They also make a great alternative to those tacky interlocking kids mats for a kids room for accident prone children. Check out the look!
Now, I have read some reviews that said the top faux wood part started peeling off over a short period of time. Maybe your best bet would be to read reviews and see if there are better quality ones. There is certainly a difference in price when shopping around so maybe there's a difference in quality as well? When you shop do a google search for foam wood mats.
If it did hold up it would be a pretty cool thing!
To buy enough for my tent it would take 200 square feet. The cheapest place I've found that sells this stuff is on eBay here. You can buy it in several sq ft. quantities.
It also comes in other colors on Amazon! Though the prices are twice as higher than my previous eBay source.

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