DIY Hanging Bulb Chandelier Pendant Lamp

April 24, 2014

I saw another interesting thing on the Droog site. This pendant light. It goes for $6,118.75. That is a lot. I saw this exact light in a neighbors house and I'm wondering if that is what she paid for it. If it is I have to say that it looks even better in person and if I had that kind of money to spend on a chandelier I might just do it for this light. At any rate, you could DIY this for somewhere around $300-$500 which is still quite a bit but not as chilling as $6,000.
I did a little research and came up with these options. The one thing I liked about DIYing it was that you could customize it to whatever might better fit the color scheme in your home decor. But I'll first show you the option that best describes the light above then I'll go into the other options.

Buy a black base and cord here for $6.80 a piece. It looks like the above pendant has about 75 lights so you'd be spending $510 on just the cords and bases if you chose this option. You can also get it in white.

You could choose a different cord and base for much less. This black cord and porcelain white base is only $3.15 a piece. Also in all white.
Tie the cords at the top with a few plastic tie cords. Then connect the ends of the cords with those grey things that look like lego pieces. I believe they are electrical relays. Then use these 11-watt bulbs for $0.86 a piece that would be $64.50 for 75 bulbs. There's also a 7.5-watt bulb here. And here's a 15-watt bulb. I would personally go for the 11-watt. You must know what your amp load is on the circuit you will be using. Most are 15 amps which will take about 1,500 watts total but I wouldn't try and max it out.

If you used the cheaper cord the total cost of the chandelier with the cords, bases and bulbs would be about $300.

Now, if you wanted a cloth covered cord you can easily DIY that too. Just buy the black porcelain base separately for $1.95 and attach to the cloth cord. I thought about maybe trying this for Henri's room since he has a high ceiling. The main color scheme in his room is orange. So I liked this cord option. Only $0.60/ft.

I also liked the red and white or black and white striped cords. They ranged in price from
red cord stripe $1.18/ft
They have many more colors and patterns. To see all of them check them out through this link.
Some color schemes that might look nice together

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Mick said... Best Blogger Tips this is an idea that may fill the bill for a bulb chandelier

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful! I found a great website if you are looking for more ideas:

Catherine Todd said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice chandelier DIY idea. One question: With so many light bulbs in close proximity with each other touching "en masse," would there be any problems with heat build up or explosions, or the lights burning out sooner than expected / rated?

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