30 Days of DIY Workout Wear: Day 1

March 26, 2014

Day 1
For the next 30 days I'll be making one DIY workout wear each day with a tutorial. Get the full story here. This one is made with a simple thrift store tee shirt.

I based this shirt on this Forever 21 Yoga top. I would have totally bought this top if it were still available. Forever 21 by the way is a great place to shop for unique cheap workout clothes.
See Day 2
What I like about this top is that it shows off the sports bra underneath. I liked the watermelon color scheme of the two together.
Get the easy how to below. It does require some sewing.

Cut off sleeves and part of the sides. Stop at the point just above your navel.
Cut the shoulder seams.
Cut the back of the shirt from the middle neck to the middle of your back.

Twist the two pieces.
Sew the pieces back together at the neckline.
Turn inside out and sew the shoulder seams back together.
Cut the side seams and resew so that it is fitted to your body.
Cut the armhole so that it shows off your bra and hits at your natural waist. Then if you want add some fun words or artwork to the front.

4 {comments}:

Jen C. said... Best Blogger Tips

I'd totally wear that to the gym! Go girl! Love it!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Where are the rest of the workout shirts, i only see 5 =(

StarryA said... Best Blogger Tips

Great series, thanks for sharing! Unfortunately the link on this post to day 2 links to a site with some 'adult' content. Not sure what happened there because day three seems fine. Just thought you should know :)

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