Midnight Snack: Chocolate Dipped Mint Oreos

January 8, 2014

I love making these. As good as Oreos are right out of the package these are about five times better! I made some coated in peppermint and placed on a lollipop stick for Christmas but that takes a lot of work. These are easy and honestly, even though they look pretty and all, I prefer them without peppermint dust.
Now, I know they make chocolate covered mint oreos but they are just NOT THE SAME! They don't have a top and bottom cookie. It doesn't seem like a second cookie would make much of a difference but I don't know what to tell you, it makes all....the....difference.
So to make these it's pretty straightforward. I use a chocolate melting pot that I bought at JoAnn's. It was so worth it. Making melted chocolate in the microwave is messy and you have to constantly be attending to it since it will seize if you over cook it. Mine was only $15! I used a coupon and they had a sale. I just plug it in, dump in the chocolate and come back in about 15 minutes. SO worth it!

I also use the chocolate mint drops they sell at JoAnn's. They melt faster and are easier to work with than regular chocolate. Plus I don't have to add the mint. If you use a coupon they're less expensive than grocery store chocolate drops. If you ARE using regular chocolate I recommend adding a tablespoon of coconut oil. It makes the chocolate melt AND dry faster. But it also makes it taste so much creamier. I don't usually like coconut flavoring so I want to emphasize that it DOESN'T taste coconuty. It just tastes....better.
First, put your Oreo cookies in the freezer for 15 minutes. This will keep them from falling apart when you're dipping them in the chocolate. Once your chocolate is melted use a pair of tongs and dip the cookie in the chocolate. Then place it on a tray lined with a non-stick sheet of foil. Place the cookie on it's side. I recommend checking the side of the cookie before you dip it in the chocolate to be sure that the two cookie edges are even. Otherwise it won't stand upright on the foil. If you want pretty perfectly dipped Oreos then keep your melting pot full. I got more gnarly ones near the end because I could no longer dip the cookie properly. It doesn't really matter. Chocolate's chocolate. It just looks prettier if you keep your pot full.

Let it slightly harden for about 30 minutes so if it falls over you won't ruin the cookie. Then transfer the tray to the freezer and let completely harden. Remove from freezer and enjoy!
I'm tellin' ya. They're just way better. It's a fact.

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