Homemade Christmas: Hot Hands Glittens (Glove/Mittens) Pocket

December 4, 2013

My sister and I both have this strange condition where our finger tips loose circulation even in semi warm conditions. It's called Raynauld's Disease. We think we inherited it from our father who also seems to have it. This is what it can look like. 
My hands often loose circulation in the middle of the summer if I'm shopping in a heavily air conditioned grocery store. So as you might imagine the winters in Pennsylvania are not kind to our fingers. Some say it's like "being allergic to coldess". I thought that was funny.
To help my sister I made these for a Christmas present and I'm going to include a box of Hot Hands (air activated) hand warmers with them. To make the glittens I bought a pair of touchscreen gloves from Walmart and added a fleece pocket to the back with her initials on it which I embroidered. She can put the warmer in the pocket and then pull the pocket over her fingers to keep her hands extra warm while she's driving, walking the dogs, going grocery shopping in the summer;-P.....whatever!!!! 
The pocket helps keep the warmer in place so it doesn't move all around the inside like it would inside a mitten. And if she needs to use her fingers she can just take off the pocket and let it hang.

Get the how-to below!
Fleece Gloves
Matching Fleece Fabric 1/4" yard
sewing needle
embroidery thread

Step 1: Place the middle of your glove at the bottom of your fleece. Trace around the glove. Leave about 1/2" inch on either side and an inch and a half above the glove. Cut SIX of these.

Step 2: Take two of your six pieces and cut off the top.

Step 3: Sew to the sides of one of your other pieces. WRONG sides together.

Step 4: Take another piece and sew it to the piece you just made. RIGHT sides together. Your pocket piece should be sandwiched in between.

Step 5: Turn right side out.

Step 6: Hem edges.

Step 7: Take an embroidery thread and needle and hand sew to glove. Done!

2 {comments}:

Deb Clark said... Best Blogger Tips

What a horrible thing to suffer from, but what a great idea. If I ever travel anywhere colder than here in Queensland I will definately make some!

Mrs Fox said... Best Blogger Tips

I have Reynaulds too, when I'm working in my studio I have to stop and go do the washing up in HOT water to warm my hands sometimes. Great idea

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