Candycane Oreo Pops!

December 13, 2013

I'm doing a Christmas cookie exchange with a few friends in just a couple minutes. Last night I was up making these yummy treats! Candycane Oreo Pops! I'll show you how I made them below!
I used mint chocolate chips bought at JoAnns and I dusted them with candycane dust that I made in the blender.
I can't wait to give them to the girls!
Not to mention getting 9 other various of cookies in return!
They are really more yummy than they look if you can believe that. The dust gives a nice aftertaste to the chocolate.
Get the how-to below!
Step 1: Cut paper straws in half.
 Step 2: Cut wooden skewars the size of your straws PLUS the width of your cookie.
Step 3: Hot glue the sticks into the straws by adding glue into the bottom of the straw with the skewar inside.
Step 4: Take apart an Oreo cookie (gently). I found that they came apart much easier when I left them sitting on my stove. It wasn't turned on it's just always a little warm since it's a gas stove. It seemed to make all the difference when pulling them apart. Once you've pulled them apart place a little bit of melted chocolate on the skewar end of your stick and place it on one side of your cookie.

Step 5: Sandwich the skewar in your cookie and place it in the freezer for about 5 minutes.

Step 6: Now that the chocolate on the inside has hardened place your pop in your chocolate covering the top of the stick.

Step 7: Using floral foam place about 6-8 pops in the foam and put in the freezer for 10 minutes.

Step 8: Once cool, take out of freezer and using a water spray bottle wet the front and back.

Step 9: Dip in the peppermint candycane dust. To make this dust I just put two boxes of candycanes in a blender until finely ground.
 Step 10: Wrap in cellophane and finish off with a pretty red and white bakers twine. Done!

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Amber Bockman said... Best Blogger Tips

Love this, don't know if you knew this but there is that has your picture and older posts up. I don't know if this is also your website but I thought I'd let you know in case it was something wrong.

pkolonkodybala said... Best Blogger Tips

this is so cool! not only for children :)

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