Depressing Half Bath Makeover: Vinyl Wood Planks. Start & Finish in Less Than 1 Day!

November 5, 2013

I'm making over our upstairs half bath. It has been a wreck for a while and I've finally HAD IT! The above photo was taken in the middle of the project so it's not normally this messy but I wanted you to see the ugly vinyl floor. But the bathroom was depressing even when it was cleaned up. 
The floor is this ugly vinyl faux brick. It's the same vinyl in our downstairs bathroom and kitchen. It's hideous. I can't imagine anyone ever picking it out on their own volition. The room is very dimly lit by a small window and the over head tungsten light gives off a depressing yellow glow when turned on.
The bathroom serves two purposes- being a bathroom and being a closet. It has a closet rack system but no doors so it's constantly looking sloppy even when it's neat. I go upstairs and I hate looking at it. So I'm giving it an overhaul. Last afternoon I bought some vinyl plank wood flooring from The Home Depot (Traffic Master in Country Pine for $1.79 a sq.ft) and got to work. The room is about 90 square feet. By about 9pm that night I had finished. Not too bad for half a days work! My only tools were a measuring tape and box cutter.

My next job is to tackle the walls. Both the ceiling and the walls are this boring cream color. Then I plan on changing out the light fixture and finally buying some dressers. I also plan on moving the bunny into the bathroom and making a new cage (one that is prettier and easier to clean). I'll post about that later as well.

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Beth said... Best Blogger Tips

Great job girl! It looks so much better already. I just did a post on decorating solutions for renters and one of the ideas I shared was to use removable contact paper on cabinets if you're not allowed to paint them. That bathroom cabinet would look fun in a new pattern or color.

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